Intergrating Files

Hi. I have two files that I would like to put on one disc. Is there a way to do this and if so, what is the best way to go about it? I am wanting to burn them to watch on a standalone player. Umm I am using Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P and Sony DVD-R and Nero 7. Thanks in advance.


I imagine that you are referring to two video files. Can you give more details? Are these avi, mpeg or other file types?

Wow, you’re quick. Yeah, it’s a movie that has been split up and they are .avi files.

If your standalone is able to read AVI files, then you need only to merge both files with a software like virtualdub and then burn on a DVD disc.

I suggest to get a better disc like Verbatim. Sony has a variable quality, and it can be also an ugly media

And if it is not able to read avi files? I need to convert them, this much I know but there is a way to merge them as well?

As I said, you can merge two avi with virtualdub, but this requires that both avi are encoded with the same features (same resolution and same audio bitrate), or merging will not work.

If your standalone is not able to read AVI files, then you need to convert first avi into mpeg, and then convert the mpeg file into VOB. This is a really time consuming process and if you don’t have a powerful CPU it is much easier to buy a standalone able to read avi. In fact, the conversion from avi to mpeg can require many hours (with my computer I need about 10 hours to do this conversion). If you have a dualcore or a quadcore CPU, however, this work can be done in much lesser time :wink:

Conversion from avi to VOB can be done with many softwares, and you can find a list here

Some are free, so pick the one you like more.

Before to convert avi into vob, however, it’s better to merge both segments, but if segments were encoded with different features, the process becomes rather complicated, because you need to re-encode first one of the two segments to make it with the same features of the other segment, and this can reduce video quality. Moreover, this add some more time to the total conversion time.

I would splice them together into one avi file using Vdub. Here is a guide for that process:

Then you can import the joined avi into Nero Vision (since you already have Nero 7) and make a dvd.

Edit: But as Geno pointed out, the avi files would have to be encoded the same. When you said it was a movie that had been split, I assumed it was.

I will give it a try once I am done with work. Gah, I hate work :sad: