Not that I expect any actual help, but this one is ridiculous, don’t you think?
(I don’t know if the picture will be shown, because it doesn’t in the preview, so sorry if it doesn’t)

That’s pretty ridiculous. Perhaps it needs to be on another IDE channel?

@ kikibug If you post it in the Lite-On forum you can expect some help !!!

No I don’t because I see it before with one of my drives

hmm… bizare :X
That drive is on master ?
Go to dowload stock FW, and check it should work (i think)

Thanks for the answers.
I think the drive itself started to go - it doesn’t read most DVD’s (including original ones), and then it does read some - a DVD+RW in particular. It used to work better. Whatever.
I just wanted to share the laugh :slight_smile: