Just thought this was interesting. I have some 4x DVD-R media that has a media code of Vanguard. I burned well over 50 of these in the BenQ with no issues whatsoever. Today I tried one again (I’ve been using Ridata and TY’s lately) figuring on using up the rest of the last spindle since I still have 25 or so of these left, they burned great before but now they wouldn’t get past 1% without failing. I tried to think of what changed that would cause this?

The only difference I can really think of is the fact that I went from B7S9 to B7T9. So I’m back on B7S9 at the moment to test this theory and I’m betting they’ll burn, if they do I’ll post back with results and probably finish the spindle of those things before going back to B7T9.

So much for my theory. I just burned two coasters. :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure exactly why the first 3/4 of the batch would work fine and then the rest would be junk but whatever… teaches me for buying cheap no-name media. hehe, funny thing is I did buy a 50 pack of Philips media and a 50 pack of Intenso media from Tigerdirect today. They were dirt cheap and figured for testing purposes they’d be nice to have around since the media codes seemed to be relatively reasonable on them. Oh well! Lesson learned. :wink:

Cheap media is not consistent. This is what you are describing. I’ve had the EXACT same problem with cheap media. Now I buy $0.40 TY from Best Buy when it’s on sale. (Although, in all fairness, I couldn’t pass up a few spindles of CMC at Staples that where 40 pc for $2.94 :wink: )