Interesting USB/eSATA Thumb Drive

I was perusing around the RiData web site and came across this flash drive. It has a USB connection on one end and an eSATA connection on the other. The read write specs for the eSATA connection look to be very good. This may not be new but it is new to me and I thought others might be interested.

It would be nice, but the eSata is only for laptops at this time. :frowning:

I thought eSATA adapters were available for desktops. Something like this:

Their site says they are working on an adapter cable. IMO, they should have made it the other way around; native support for desktops and the adapter cable for laptops. But who am I to 2nd guess their product design?

Yes, there are eSata cards, but I meant that they say it’s only designed for laptops. I don’t know if their a connector difference between a standard eSata port and a laptop.

I doubt it just for lappy’s. Only thing i can see it would be easier to get at with a lappy then to have to hook up to the back of a desktop is all. Seems they are just saying they will have a cable. The cable will be for easier access.

It will if the desktop has an eSATA connection. The are a lot of add on cards for eSATA also.

[QUOTE=jhtalisman;2232670]It would be nice, but the eSata is only for laptops at this time. :([/QUOTE]

A lot of retail motherboards have built-in eSATA ports in their pack panels.

You can easily convert a regular SATA II internal port on your motherboard to an eSATA port - you just plug this in to a vacant SATA slot and mount the bracket on an available expansion slot.