Interesting thing about TDK DVD+Rs

Just a thing I noticed…their surface seems to be blue, but some of them is lighter, and some is darker. Attached photo shows it well, I think (sorry, I couldn’t find the discs that didn’t have the marker-writing on them…).

As we all know, TDK has their own MID, but much of their discs come from Moser Baer India. And that’s how you can discover it - the darker disc on the left is TDK02, while the lighter one on the right is MBIPG101R04.


Your discs don’t get scratched like that ? (sorry had to say it)

Do you know if the label colour is consistent between batches?

BTW in Australia our +r are either Ricoh, or CMC - mostly CMC these days. Never seen a TDK MBI +r or a TDK002 here. (TDK003 is available in 10 packs, though they mite be changing this for CMC too).

They prolly do, but I don’t care, as they are these test discs written by Nero CD-DVD Speed :wink:

here, the TDK (CMC) discs have a dull surface compared to the glossy surface of the TDK (Ricoh) discs.

ritek´s tdk discs has also different color, it´s something between tdk and moser baer