Interesting situation after updating to Maddogs Firmware

Something interesting happened.

After updating to Maddog’s Firmware everything went fine.

But While, the Verbatim 4X DVD-R’s were written via NEC’s original Firmware was present in the drive,they were able to be read via my Toshiba
8X Dvdrom very well but after updating to Maddogs Firmware the same
media wasnt able to be read by my Toshiba 8X DVDRom.

Maddogs firmware changed laser calibration stuff as well ? Because i think
if only laser calibration settings are changed then the readability of a media
seriously gets affected.

I will revert back to NEC’s original 2.16 firmware just due to this fact.

Thanks for your replies again.

I noticed something similar - my nec did not read a brand as well as it did before the flashing. On the other hand, the same disc that my nec just have burned (and did not read well) - was read even faster in my other dvd player (pioneer 305 dvd-rom).

My nec burn’s it well - it’s the reading afterward that is slowed down.
(I got a 2510, fw 2.f7)

Will not change back to original, but it could be interesting to know if they did something with the calibration.

Thanks for your replying your experience taxman :stuck_out_tongue:

Now i am sure they modified something about Laser Calibration.(Maybe Strategy Changes affected this)

I got back to 2.16 Rpc1 Firmware now fine again :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing - I’m only able to rip at 4X - ripped several dvd’s (originals) , never above 4x.

Have i missed something about the riplock? I’m using dvd decrypter (yes, it’s set on max reading speed) and 2.f7 with rc1 and riplock.

I’m guessing by your discussion this is for a 2510A drive? Or is this the new 2.f9 for the 3500A?

I’m talking about 2510 with 2.f7

why not use a liteon to rip I use a 166 which is very good, and quite reliable.

Your question is Did the new firmware change the laser calibration? Having looked at numerous firmware changelogs over the past year or so, I can tell you this kind of information isn’t usually in them. I assume the changelog for the Mad Dog firmware consisted of something like:

2.f7 Updated Write Strategies, Added +R +RW bitsetting, corrected read problem on PTP DL discs.

It doesn’t get very detailed and the only person who could answer that question is the person who wrote the firmware


You might want to chech which write strategies have changed between 2.16 and 2F7.
IMHO those include changes in power calibration as well as write speed steps.

I don’t experience any read problems with 2F7 but it might happen with other readers (I use the NEC 2500A, Liteon 811S and Pioneer 444 standalone)

Also, the media itself is the most obvious factor when applying a write strategy.


Which media are we talking about ?

Yeah, most changelog’s I’ve seen don’t tell you which strategies are changed. And not being a firmware engineer/patcher I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe Herrie or Liggy would know what strategies changed between .f7 and .16

Looking at Liggy’s thread at the strategies for each firmware, it seems like the strategies in 2.F7 are newer.
So, yes, there were most probably changes in power calibration when writing on some media.

And again, could the original poster inform on the problematic media ?


CD-R version: 1.15
CD-RW version: 1.14
DVD-R version: 1.34f
DVD-RW version: 1.27f
DVD+R version: 1.34f
DVD+RW version: 1.25f
DVD+R9 version: 1.15f


Strategy versions from Firmware
CD-R version: 1.15
CD-RW version: 1.14
DVD-R version: 1.36f
DVD-RW version: 1.28f
DVD+R version: 1.35f
DVD+RW version: 1.25f
DVD+R9 version: 1.15f

Yes what media is this?

Verbatim 4X DVD-R guys…

My Toshiba SD-C2502 8X Dvdrom is rather picky about DVDRW Media.

But the situation is not just the Maddogs firmware 2F7.

it is the fact that despite being a quality media,Verbatim 4X DVD-R has low reflectivity of laser beam unfortunatelly.

Thus the other media i use Princo 4X DVD-R has much better readability compared
to Verbatim.