Interesting Scanning Results




im having very bad scanning results with cdspeed. yesterday it was all ok. quality rating is allways lower than 50, most 0. even when i scan my old medias with good scannig rate such as 97 98, having same bad results. why am i having this bad result. might be any program or drive is foulty. its a benq1650. i bought it a week ago with box. and allways use mcc004.



What has changed since yesterday? changed settings, new software?


Please post the scans so we can take a look.


here it is. scanning results. any ideas :confused:


did you try a lower speed like 8x?


yeah. even 4x. still same. i had a test with dvdinfo pro. same bad result. dvdinfo pro couldn’t even complete test. gave me a error like that

“couldnt receive data more than 20 sc. do you want to abort.”

but i copied it to my harddrive no problem. and watched it with regular dvd player, still no problem. :rolleyes:


Reminds me of what happened with my first 1650 unit that went wrong.

First idea: low quality PSU eventually frying the drive. If you also had some HD crashes, don’t look further.

EDIT Sidenote: recently dicovered that PSU can have a huge impact on scanning figures.


my psu is a aopen 400 watt and its on the good quality psu’s list on this site. i got three dvd-r and three hard drives on my computer. do you think true 400 is not enough


Wasn’t thinking of quantity (watts) but quality :wink: - Of course your Aopen should be OK, but any PSU can go nuts and one of the first symptoms is frying optical drives. I’ve learnt that the hard way with 2 NEC 3540, 1 Benq 1640 and 1 Benq 1650 destroyed by such PSUs going bad. Oh and a HDD. :a - now I replaced all my PSUs with high-end ones.

I’m not saying in the least that this is the only possibility, just giving a hint for a direction to investigate. :confused:


i have changed the power plug with another and problem solved :bigsmile: big thanks for advice


Woa, now [B]that[/B] is trivial, and extremely informative for further similar issues… thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: