Interesting results with Diablo 2

did u actually write the image, or only emulate the securom new settings with fantom cd. i’d suggest you to create your own read/write profile for it, or use advanced settings, dont repair subchannels, read them both in, and read/write at the lowest speed available, which i believe is 8x for your drive. good luck, if u want it to work w/clone :wink:

not to be rude, but hide cdr media doesnt work for me with version either :wink:

has the famous lite-on’s been defeated by a simple SecuRom?

I have given up on backing but Diablo 2.
Just run it from Deamon Toolz i guess…

No the Liteon is not defeated …there was a software causing a problem which will be fixed in version as per Sheepfriend

At last were getting somewhere !!! It seems that at last we are agreed there are problems with liteons and securom new.
But somethings still dont add up?
Take my die Hard nakotomi plaza why using clone3.3.4.1.
with my HP9300 does the copy turn out fine?
Why doesnt a liteon copy work in a standard cdrom/dvd?
then hide cdrmedia doesnt even come into the equation?
In some forums a few liteon owners of other drives state their burnings have been fine whereas other people like myself are still baffled?
Come on moderators lets have some facts theres obviously an issue here perhaps firmware? perhaps new copy protection ?
Any ideas?

Thanks for the reply Sheepfriend, it is great that you guys read the forums and gather information.

I read what you said about there being a problem with Clone CD tray and the “Hide CDR Media” function. However, to check on that, I put the backup of Diablo 2:LOD I made with Fantom CD in my drive with Clone CD tray running and the Hide function active. I had assumed that if the bug was in Clone CD tray it would not matter what program created the backup. To my surprise it worked anyway. This may not be scientific, but it leads me to suspect that the issue is more than a bug in Clone CD tray. I think it may be a problem with the way Clone CD handles Securom new with Lite-on drives.

Perhaps if we could have a few people try some different combinations, we can get to the bottom of this.



I think its an oddity with the hide cd media option in the clonecd tray. Any securerom new back-up made with my LTR-24102B using the default game cd profile in clone 4 works fine from my dvd so long as hide cd media is not enabled. However, none of them work at all if it is enabled.

Since my dvd can’t read the atip anyway, this means that there must be a minor bug with the hide cd media option.

hrmm when is this updated clonecd coming sheepfriend? (nice nick btw SheepFriend heh)

Have just tried backing up die hard nakatomi plaza without hide cdrw enabled at read / write and then playing on my liteon 24103s using clone3.3.4.1 usual clone settings for securom
all I get is die hard has error unknown when try to play cd !!
Worse than ever sheep friend!!!
Yet again I state my 2 year old HP9300 using same settings works fine THE ERROR IS IN THE LITEON!!!We seem to be missing the point that the liteon is the only thing changing in the equation ? so it must be the drive?If theres a bug in hide cdrw media then why dont the copies play in a standard cd rom drive?

Did you have hide cd media enabled or disabled when you attemoted to play the Lite-on back-up? As I said in my previous post, if it were enabled the game won’t run even in an ordinary cdrom. If disabled, the game will run fine.

I dont understand I didnt have the cdrw hide function enabled at all both during the copy process and when attempting to play the disc.Are we saying that even if its disabled but STILL on the task bar that this is preventing a copy working? and is this preventing a 1:1 even running on a NON cdrw unit? Is this unique to the liteon as I said previously with cdrw hide ENABLED using my HP9300 drive my die hard nakatomi plaza runs fine copys fine and works on any other cdrom/dvd as well???

I just used my lite-on 32123s to backup Aliens v Predator 2 (securom new) with clonecd 4 (hide cd-r media disabled) and it worked. Althogh it will not work in my pioneer dvd-rom, it does work in my lite-on and 2 other drives on another pc. At first i didnt think it worked so i uninstalled clonecd4 and put an old version of 3 on, and got another working backup.

i have the s version (40x) and i can make backups of avsp2 and also diablo 2 no probs, and they work in over 10 different cd-roms. maybe its a problem with the w version?

thanks for your words of wisdom Sheepfriend!

It set me straight and now the wait for the new CloneCD

If theres a hide cdrw media bug why wont the liteon copy using
clone ver. ?? That doesnt use this feature? Still unable to copy die hard nakatomi plaza with my liteon!!!
Suspect the liteon the problem as originally stated 10 days ago!!!
I still feel new version of securom new at large that the liteon cant hack!!! still suprised my 2 year old HP9300 can copy this disc fine with same clone settings as stated earlier!!!

but then how did i copy aleins v predator 2 with my lite-on using clonecd 4 and an old version of 3? maybe theres something deeper to the story. could it be an operating system thing? im using winxp.

…or maybe its a firmaware related thing? It would be nice to know what firmwares people who failed or made a working copy with LiteOn had.

firmware xbo3 and tried new xb04 makes no difference my operating system is windows me yesterday I totally re mastered windows re formatted etc. just to eliminate virus / settings etc etc no joy as before stated earlier liteon WILL NOT COPY this game!!!
hp9300 2 years old same settings no problem game copys fine conclusion >>>>>>>>>> my liteon 24103s CANNOT copy this game??? why no idea???

i also have problems with diablo 2 LOD expansion with my liteon (24102b)
with firmware 5s5a.

the lod expansion does not work i used read both subs, regenerate data sectors on tha read.
for write i used always close last session.
dont repair sub channel data was left UNCHECKED.

i read tha cd at max speed and wrote it at max speed using a cd-rw disk (10x)

also i did not even have tha clone cd tray running at all when reading and writing the cd.

i tried playing tha disk back from my pioneer dvd-rom 116 drive and my lite-on 24102b. STILL DONT WORK :frowning:

so this is just a bug in clone cd? and will be fixed in

this is tha first problem i had burning a cd in a long time!!!

p.s. i was reading this post and seen that people had problems copying it with there lite-on’s so i though i would try it and they where right, IT DONT WORK :frowning:

NBR, for securerom new, you must check don’t repair sub-channel data. Btw, if you use clonecd 4, you can just use the default game cd profile for both reading and writing. I have successfully backed up both Empire Earth and Aliens v Predator 2 (both securerom new) using that method with my LTR-24102B.

However, as said in previous posts, the back-ups will not work if hide cd media is enabled. In addition, if hide cd media has been enabled, it isn’t sufficient to simply close the clone cd tray; hide cd media must be disabled first or the tsr will remain active and your back-up won’t run.