Interesting question: Can DVD-R's overburn?

I just got the hang of overburning a cd to it’s limit, but it got me thinking.

Can a DVD-R be overburned?

Anybody got any experience?
Or know any aditional info about this?



I have a question for your question.


Why would you want to overburn a DVD, holds at least 4gb.


Well, quite simpel.
Most movies that are released on dvd (and then I am talking about +/- 90 %). Are on DVD’s larger than 4.7 Gb.
Now if a DVD turns out to be only 5 Gb than you could possibly overburn it on a 4.7 Gb dvd.

Quite simpel I’dd say.

It should be possible, as far as my (limited) knowledge goes.
As it is based on CD-R/W technology, and therefore should be applicable to the same type of use.

I can’t test, since I don’t have a DVD burner.

Ask DVD-Writers, the new moderator of the DVD forum, he’ll know.

I would say yes but but you have to remember that overburning
would possible take it outside spec and it wouldnt load on your player.

Its a fairly strict format.

You probably would, but you wouldn’t be able to overburn much.

Overburning 4.7Gb of DVD to 5Gb is a bunch of BS.

To understand why it’s BS, you have to understand how overburning works.

When you overburn a CD-R, it’s not because the CD-R holds a bit more than it says so, but because a writer starts to push data to the point where it is reserved for Lead-Out data. Most of the time, the Lead-Out area on a CD is more than it really needs for lead-Out so it will write Lead-Out multiple times (up to 12 times!). Now that could become a waste. You can have the writer burn into this area, but the more you overburn, the less times the Lead-Out information is written thus making the CD less reliable.

Keep reading to find out how it’s related to DVD…

CD-R’s can be overburned up to 778.75MB at most (plextor). Now the DVD would not need 300MBs or more just for TOC or Lead-OUt data, would it? No. Nothing uses that much data storage just for the basic identification of the media!

I would expect for you to be able to overburn a couple more megabytes than it’s limit (Not much more movie time if you think about it).

There is my theory. If i am wrong anywhere, please don’t attack me in an immature way. Just tell me where I’m wrong.