Interesting PS2 DL burning tidbit



Picked this up from another forum . . . anyone know if this is true?

Backup copies of DVD9 games (any, not only Xenosaga) dont work in the ps2…even if u have the latest version of the PS2 and the best chip wich support DVD9)…the problem is not the ps2, the media, the chip or the burning software…the only big problem is the way to burn them onto the media…dvds (DVD5 and DVD9) can be burned in 2 ways: OTP (Opposite Track path, used for DVD videos) and PTP (parallel track path, used for DVD9 games)…the problem now is that DVD+R DL medias can only be burned in OTP mode…the only way to burn DVD9 game disc in PTP mode is with a factory pressing machine (the one that Sony and many other companies use for games/dvd movies) and there is no way yet to change(force) from OTP to PTP and vice versa…in order to play dvd9 games either rip it onto 2 dvd5 or just buy the original.
Hope this help all this problem


Gran Turismo 4 is the only DL game whick can’t be backuped, Xenosaga and others works on DVD+R DL
And it is still not sure that OTP is the problem for GT4


i have a ps2 and it is chipped with magic 3 my friend’s chipped with messiah i have Gran turismo original and it won’t even boot on both machines ! is this because they are chipped or what this has never happened before on any game and i probably have about 500 back-up games can anyone shed any light on this prob


It’s unit specific from what I understand some can read the discs others cant, personally speaking I have tried MGS2 & Champions of Norrath on a variety of PS2’s and none worked though I recall a poster in the NEC forum some time ago saying MGS2 worked for him with normal writing software now I had the same writer/media/software/game as him and it didn’t work in any PS2 I tested.

I also saw on another site someone who had success with a v7 PS2 but the person in question used illegal software to create a Sony DVD9 master image which did work for him apparently (Don’t bother asking me I don’t have it & wouldn’t know where to get it) but others tested it & didn’t work for them so I’m under the impression that its luck of the draw as to whether it will read the DVD+R DL.

By the way my own v9 can read DVD+R DL movies and play them but it skips & stutters all over the place making the movie unwatchable but my other players play the same disc just fine.


so does that mean even on an unchipped playstation 2 the new gran turismo 4 might not work on it and if so surely there would be a case of some description, to answer to, by either Fony sorry sony or the game manufacturer
what do you think


The DVD9 (dual layer DVD-ROM) format which the PS2 games in question come one are not the same as DVD+R DL so even though PS2’s might not be able to read the DVD+R DL format properly any DVD9 disc (movie or game) wont have any trouble.

So the original Gran Turismo 4 disc should work fine in any PS2 chipped or not.