Interesting Problem..Could Really Use Help

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Ok…that seemed easy enough. Here is the file you requested.

That rules out my theory of not enough video memory to play at higher screen resolutions.

Good shot though wobble…thanks again!!

Hmmm… well nothing really obviously wrong that I can see there, apart from a lot of codecs. You have two optical drives installed though - the BenQ and an LG GSA-4040B? I thought only one was connected. You could try uninstalling both drives from the Windows Device Manager and then re-installing again.

When your original DVD-ROM drive bombed out, what were the symptoms and was this when all the trouble started?

Gonna have to sleep on this one, I’m afraid… it getting a bit late here. Anyone else, feel free to take over :flower:

Are a lot of codecs bad?

I put everything back together so you could see everything. That way if you asked what is the make of the other drive that’s not installed…you’d have the answer. How did you know it the other drive was a LG…experience I’m guessing.

Symptoms of the DVD Rom were not quite the same. It wouldn’t read some commerical DvDs at all. Sometimes I ejected and re-inserted and about 10 percent of the time it worked but for the most part, wouldn’t read a dvd. And these were dvd’s that were previously viewed by that drive.

I’m going to check out ASPI thing sikoone mentioned. I’ll see where that takes me. I don’t think many people will be stopping by though…LOOOOOLL It is quite “thorny” as you mentioned.

Talk to you soon

With a 3.2 ghz processor surely only 3 areas could be affecting playback.

  1. The I/O performance.
    Doing a burst rate test with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. Getting a results of around 23Mbs will prove that the optical device is reading the data well enough.

  2. The graphics card. Try updating the drivers. Also I’d look in the BIOS to ensure that the fastest AGP speed has been enabled. Drop the colour quality down a notch from 32bit.

  3. The power supply. With less devices attached playback seems improved, so is the PSU marginal?

Run up task manager & check how much CPU is being consumed when playing back , or at idle as well.

That’s my thoughts anyway.

I re-checked Primary and Secondary IDE settings On the primary it states Not Applicable on Device 1. IMkidd’s had something populated.

Is this a problem??? I inserted visuals of primary and secondary

As a last check, although I know you said this was something you attended to: have another look at the IDE transfer mode settings. Make sure the ‘Current Transfer Mode’ (lower box in the figure below), is not ‘PIO mode’…[/QUOTE]

Primary IDE Set.doc (135 KB)

Sec IDE Set.doc (135 KB)

I know that DVDs will play on XP without a system ASPI layer because the OEM computer I bought did not have it. When you install Nero it installs a Nero aspi.
Whether or not they will play if the system ASPI layer is corrupt I don’t know. Since you have Nero you can use InfoTool to check both system and Nero ASPI.
You can also save and post all info from InfoTool, it could help.(red circle)

@ wobble Wobble…is this what you need? I ran the InfoToolKit If you can’t open let me know and I will try another upload.

@ TimC Tim…I’m a little new at this so I need to absorb what you just posted and my need u to dumb it down a tad.

I don’t have Nero Speed but I will download and play with it. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

Graphics card/drivers I think I can handle I’ll put it on the To Do list. BIOS i rarely go into unfortunately but I will give it a go and look around. If I can’t find what you mentioned I’ll need some assistance. But I will try. Dropping the color quality a “notch” How much do you recommend?

PSU…is that Power Supply Unit???..I don’t know what is defined as marginal or how to check it…but it came with my system. Power supply has been mentioned to me before. Is there a way to check the flow…make…model…etc?

The processor usage I can do. :bigsmile: I’ll post that in a bit.

Thanks for the input Tim…

Thats it thanks. you should have CD-DVD Speed. It will be in Nero tool kit in the Start/All Programs/Nero/Nero Tools. Put in a DVD and click Run Test, Burst Rate. It will look like this:

Ok I did it. 23 MB/s is what the burst rate read at.
Processor at idle is 0-8% max
Pocessor at play is 8-23% max…it stayed around the 14-18% most of the time.

@ wobble–Did you see the DMA attachments on the Primary and Secondary IDE…are they ok?
How about the ASPI results…how did they look?

I don’t want to skip anything or miss a step.

Everything looks ok with DMA and ASPI. You do have alot of upper and lower filters installed which can cause burning problems. I don’t know if they can cause reading problems.
Could this have started when you updated Nero to And how did remove your older version?

I don’t know what an upper/lower filter is or how to get rid of them.

Control Panel…Add/Remove old Installed off of disc for the .14 version But again…none of this is affecting the plextor drive at all. It plays fine…i’m learning as we go along and haven’t done any other tests to see if its burning good. I really dont want to keep that drive.

What do you think about those BIOS tweaks? Is it worth a shot?

How about the power source…is there some way to check that?

Checked the IBM website looking for PSU info, and found this Bulletin concerning BIOS update. Seems like it concerns file input/output. This could possibly fix your problem.

I’m getting short on ideas. Are the jumpers on the drives set to master on the 1655 and slave on the Memorex as they should be or are they both on cable select? The long end of the cable to the 1655? And is the IDE cable you replaced an 80 wire 40 pin?
Did you watch the Performance page of Task Manager CPU and PF while the drive was skipping? :confused:

@ jhtalisman–This is great but unfort my model number isn’t listed. The cpu model number sounds familiar but I’m going to call them first. Oh…by the way…swwweeeeett system in your signature…very nice… Thanks for the post.

@wobble–I’m done bro…I called IBM and found out that I have over a year in home plus part/labor warranty…that I forgot all about. I thought it was only two years but it’s 3…So this is there problem now as it started with thier DVD ROM. Their sending me out a new DVD Rom and another IDE cable and when I call back and tell them that didn’t work…they’re sending out a tech to my house. Its what I paid for and I’m going to use it. When they have my system running back up to full speed and both drives are playing/burning fine…then i’ll worry about upgrading burners. The tech on the phone thinks its the board slot anyway so who knows…but we’ve been at this all day and I’m throwing in the towel. Let them worry about it.

@ Everyone… :bow: I cant say thanks enough to all the help everyone has given me and I’m sure going to be giving back to others beleive me. THis was an awsome experience and I learned a lot in a short span of time. To my friends that have been with me all day…a very big thanks…but there isn’t much more we can do. If there is a moderator watching…close this dang thing down it’s IBM problem now…I’m going to bed… :bigsmile: See everyone soon.


No problem, wasn’t sure on the exactly what type you had.

My system is nothing compared to some users on here. I will be building a dual core one in a few months, then maybe I can compete with some users on here.

Hey everyone…not sure who this will reach but I wanted to make sure that I followed up on the resolution to this problem everyone was so generous in helping me with. It turned out to be none of the above. I actually had my entire system replaced through IBM and that didn’t fix the issue so I sat down one day at my desk and didn’t get up until I identified and solved the issue. (3 day weekend with minimul sleep) The problem at hand was the software…WinDVD player. This software from what I’ve been researching is a real pain when swapping drives and moving things around outside the original system configuration. WinDVD doesn’t work and play well with others. Almost like the Nero/Roxio relationship when installed on the same system. This was causing the jolt/skip duiring playback. I stumbled acrossed it while playing with the read speeds in Nero and had the skipping almost completely fixed but it still did skip. (ligtbulb) I tried another player. Everything plays fine with Nero and Windows Media. No skips, glitches, jolts etc etc etc… They played perfectly…so i took it a step further and downloaded VLC Media and my DvDs (commerical) played fine on that. Thanks to all of the knowledgeable folks in different forums there is plenty of postings regarding “WinDVD Playback” This is a consistant headache with this software and many people have suffered because of it. The second most common issue seemed to be using NVidia drivers on the IDE instead of Microsoft drivers, FYI. I’m just glad I have a warranty and didn’t pay a thing out of pocket or this wouldn’t have been a very pleasant learning experience. Thank you to all that helped and happy burning!!! :clap: