Interesting point of view on Blu-ray and HD-DVD



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Interesting read. Some good information, some bad. Very emotionally written tho, and I’m afraid the domain and title will drive many people away.


Yes I agree with ya. Always keep an open mind on other people’s prespectives.

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Yep, very true. It’s a shame that many people will dismiss that person’s views just because of his choice of domain.

I’m generally in agreement with it. I’m not buying into either format, when cooler heads prevail I’ll jump onboard. Personally, I hope they all get over themselves (the industry) and settle on a single unified format quickly. I want pre-recorded 720p (and possibly 1080p depending on how long it takes) content and I want it soon!!


mmm yeah i kinda agree. Concidering that i like my dvds the way they are i dont really see why we need to change. I dont really need all that space on a disk, as movie companies would just fill it up with special features. If they decided they were going to put more movies onto it, they would cost about £50-£60 each, meaning that you would have to buy 3 movies you dont want so you have to have the 1 move that you do. It would also be harder to find the disk you want, as the text would be smaller on the binder. I mean if I personally wanted more movies onto a disk thats the only real reason i would want blu ray.

I would rather stick to dvd than have to shell out £500+ so i can spend more money on watching dvds. Hopefully it will only take off in the data world so the latest movies still come out on dvd.