Interesting observations between 2 2500a's

Ive had my trusty Malaysian made beige drive since February and have recently purchased a black drive for my brother. I flashed to Herries DLB5 as Ive had no problems whatsoever. This new black drive really doesnt like it. My trusty Ricoh JPNR01 that write perfectly in my drive at 8x, have lots of read errors in the black drive. Two discs wont complete Nero DVD speed, but they seem to play ok in standalones. About to try Herries 2.15 and see if it improves the situation, any ideas as to why this should happen? Does indeed seem bizarre to say the least.

Does your brother have his 2500a set up as a Master, on it’s own IDE channel…not shared with a Hard Drive?

What about DMA/PIO settings?

Sounds like a PC problem, not the firmware.

Its in my pc mate, I havent yet given it to him. Its currently on primary slave sharing with a hard drive. My own nec is on secondary master. No matter what firmware I try, the read curves are pretty poor. I wouldnt have though sharing with a hard drive would make that much of a difference?

The situation is a little bit confusing. Can you make it clear?
There could be 4 combinations

\\\\\Read in|Beige|Black

Written in Beige | 1 | 2

Written in Black | 3 | 4

Do you mean situation 1 is fine and 4 is not? What about 2 and 3? Having 2 drives you can clearly find out if you have “read problems” or “write problems”.

I think the easist test can be… just swap the beige with black with every setup same. you can check if the burned discs show clear degradation.

Personally I’m interested in reading one disc in two 2500A drives to compare their reading ability. Do you see a difference in CDSpeed curve? Or are they always identical in reading some given discs?

Put the new black drive in where your beige is now, and re-test.

I bet it works fine.

Removable media drives should never be shared with Hard Drives, if for no other reason, it will slow your HD down to the DMA speed of your burner.

I agree with Dave. IDE transfers between HD’s on primary controller to and from CD/DVD on secondary should be fine as they can operate mostly at full speed independently. Data from 2 drives on the same channel have to share the same pathways. This wasn’t that big of an issue in the old days but keep in mind that 8X in DVD terms is a LOT of data per second, I don’t remember the numbers but it’s like the equivalent of 48x/52x or greater CD speeds not to mention the data requests and acks flying back and forth on the same controller. Try the swap and see what happens :slight_smile:


Ok I have 3 optical drives in my system. One beige 2500a, one pioneer 106s, one liteon cdrw and a hard drive. Hdd is pri mas, liteon pri sla, 2500a sec mas, 106s sec sla.

I took out the liteon and plugged in a black 2500a that I bought for my brother and have experienced bad burns with all firmware. It reads dvds fine, and the dvds burned in the black 2500a do not read back in it, or my beige 2500a. I have tried unplugging my hdd so the balck 2500 is the only drive on the channel, but the same results occur…

Ok Ive taken my beige drive out and swapped it directly for the black one and still errors come in. So am I assuming this is the drive?

If your master/slave jumper is correct, and you are still getting errors, I would suspect the drive might be bad.

Can you easily swap it for a new one?

Also, I use a seperate HD controller card, (in a PCI slot) that gives me two more Master channels, that way I don’t have to share as many items. I like to keep my main HD C: and my main burner on channels by themselves.

Yes, master slave jumper is correct and I am getting errors. I have made a straight swap of the drives and still get issues. I shall enquire about returning the drive.

A thought just occured to me that may not effect you whatsoever :slight_smile: Did that black unit come from the factory that way?

I have seen black units offered, usually at a higher cost and/or delay, from retailers because they get someone to paint a normal beige or white one. Paint can gas or give off vapor as the carrier solvent used evaporates over time and settles on the innards of the unit, especially if the tray was painted also. Heck, the painter could have mistreated or dropped the unit! I would think it unlikely that a MFG would use paint when its more cost effective just to use black plastic on the assembly line. Maybe you can make a scratch on an unseen area to test this?

As stated, this may not apply to you but if you suspect it does you could try a WET type cd/dvd cleaning disk to maybe remove any filming on the laser.