Interesting news about Plextor CDRdrives



I just posted the article Interesting news about Plextor CDRdrives.

They guys of CDRinfo have some Interesting news about Plextor based recorders on their CDR-Info homepage:

Here we go today with several interesting news about Plextor based (12/10/32) CDR-W…

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Not meaning to sound like one of those newbies or anything but Why would you want to rename it? Is it for dos compatibility or something similar?


Why bother to rename it?
Plextor is one of the bigger CDR drive manufacturers. So software will be made to support Plextor drives ahead of the smaller companies. Now, if you take CloneCd for instance, and your TDK 121032 isn’t supported yet, you just have to rename your drive to “Plextor”, to be able to use CloneCd.


use a ultraPlex max to read that shit


What will you think of next, restructuring the genes of yer girlfriend, so she can have a different body structure too suit you.

well I have an a Plex x12 writer burnproof, and a ultraplex max to read. I must be lucky!


Plextor have now released an firmware upgrrade for the 12/10/32 S going to try it now. I have been having shit loads of probs with PC stuff. This last chance then it goes back.


I have been using a 12/4/32
SCSI reader and writer without any problems for ages and have not updated the firmware… coz it if aint broke don’t fix it !

BTW probably not a good idea for you to include ‘fast’ as your username especially in the u.k.

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