Interesting media quality test

A friend of mine told me about an optical storage test done on
The test is only available on the Dutch site, I dont know if they gonna put it on the english or american version.
Test is done on 13 different burners,including bluray, average speed and average quality, test are done on media as well.
Is Tayo yuden loosing ground?
Very interesting :eek:

The links don’t link to anything…

But yes, I think TY started losing ground after their 8x media. Their 16x doesn’t seem to have as high compatibility.

They work for me.

i get this

The page you’ve requested could not be found. Possibly the page does not exist, or is not available in the current language.

Works for me also, but since it’s in Dutch, I have no clue as to what test’s are done.

Also works for me but dunno what any of it is about.

They tested 44 different discs in 13 drives (9 dvdr+4blu-ray). The two links above are quality and speed averages for 44 discs in the 13 drives. LiteOn 20A1H was fastest avg speed/quality with the discs and Verbatim and Imation discs were faster and better discs in the drives :slight_smile:

I suggest everyone to use [B]EMTEC 16X DVD-R with fake MCC codes [/B] instead of PLEXTORs.After all,these [I]experts[/I] rated it higher as TY or real MCC03.
Seriously,EMTEC discs are among the worst I have ever used.I just don’t care have they scan,they are simply shite!

I have seen similar tests like these on the net,mostly the same.
keep in mind that these are average numbers, not how one special mid works best or worst on just one drive.
The thing i dont get is why most people on here prefer TY above Imation :confused:
Btw, i think there is a difference in TY verbs or TY Plextors?
In my Lite-on I have higher scores with Verbatim TY’s,but again,that only counts for 1 drive.
But these wer not tested here,just the MCC’s.
Look at our “best media” poll.
Sometimes i think that when a cpl of folks start to cry: “wolf”!, we all start to run?

Then [I]why[/I] do you suggest them to use?

I think it’s called irony or even sarcasm. :wink:

I think makabre ment this in a sarcastic way, to avoid Emtecs with the MCC mid.
I,ve had Emtecs DVD+R 16x in the past but with the Prodisc mid,I dont use DVD-R at all, prodisc ones came close to Samsungs pleomax quality thus not so bad.

Makabre,what mid did these Emtecs had, and in combination with what burner did you use those?
Any scans?

makabre, I found one of your earlier post about a bad experience with Emtec.

In that post you are talking about Emtec DVD+R 8x with probably a fake MCC 003 MID.
This has nothing to do with the Emtec DVD-R 16x with MID MCC 03RG20 that was used in the test done on

Call it ironical sarcasm.
Since some low grade media may scan excellent [I]initially[/I],I don’t bother with such measurements anymore.I have seen both 8X and 16X (both sold in slimcases)and they had fake MCC code.They both had serious compatibility issues
They are using the codes without any kind of authorization and the discs are Made in China (same as the one used HERE). I would rather go with true MCC03 Verbs -16X with the right stamper code.
I’m not doubting that EMTEC uses true Prodisc for that product but that’s definitely not the case with MCC at least what is available here in the stores.To say that they are better than the real deal or Plextor or [I]anything[/I] just because they scan better is misleading imo.

Frontwing : they’re still using faked discs on 16X. I’m not buying them but a few of my friends do and that’s how I constantly come across EMTEC.I’ve got nothing against them. Honest :clap:

I wasnt saying you have something against Emtec, the point I,m trying to make is that there is genuine Emtec out there,well at least here in the Netherlands, having reliable non fake mids.
The code on a genuine Emtec DVD-R16x in a cakebox should be: EKOVRG47xxxxCB
the x’s stand for a production number, the ones in slimcases end with the letters SL(N)—for instance EKOVRG47xxxxSL(N)
If not they’re probably fake.