Interesting issue with backing up PS2 games :/

im having some strange issues getting disks i have burnt lately to work in my ps2

its hard to nail down the culprit as im using both new disks, and im not sure but could be also the fact im using a new drive.

Disks are TDK inkjet Printable DVD+R
Burner is LG GSA-H42N (with riplock disabled)

i was trying to backup Budkai Tenkaichi 2, and every disk (about 15 or so) failed, atleast of course, until i used a cheap ass DATASTREAM DVD+RW which, of course, happens to work fine.

now, all disk i made prior to using both the new burner, and printable disks, all work fine.

another funny thing, is that when i first burnt BT2 it worked, albeit, jumpy and stuff and it froze during the intro.

my original burner was a Pioneer DVR-108, which, all the games burnt on that, work fine. had to replace the DVR due to a failing recording lens (disks just started to not work at all)

now my post was really just to ask
Has anyone else had similar issues with printable disks, and or H42N’s?

now i have thought the normal stuff

  1. PS2 lens failing - well i already know that, but old disks work
  2. chip is crap - well yeah, its a crappy mini apple 3 which i intend to have ripped out and replaced with a more expensive updatable modchip at some point.

ok, i just used a normal TDK disk and it worked, so i guess it was just the damn printable media.

Tdk are made by CMC MAG and these discs suck ass, try to find some verbatim printable, they’ll work nicelly.

the tdks “were” working.

but it seems my ps2 has decided to cark it, no disks will work at all now, so i’ll check for some prechipped ps2’s

You made a mistake in using dvd+rw for a start,these disk strain ps2 laser’s,and can trash them in a single boot
also ps2’s often dont like dvd+r,some versions,i.e below 4 dont read them at all,you should have tried to booktype them to dvd-rom.

Open the ps2,and clean the lense with a ear bud (you know,one of those things you clean your ears out with) dipped in pure alcohol (if you have any),or something you think is suitable
dont use one of those disk cleaner things
And if your game is jumpy,try
burning slower,x4 max
make sure the game is the correct region for your ps2
use dvd decrypter

yeah, maybe you missed the part where i said “cark it.”

as in it doesn’t even boot.

no amount of cleaning will fix that.

secondly, RE-Writable disks strain the lens no more then any disk, true, the disk has a few more write layers, but its an optical drive, not an old person going blind trying to read a news paper, the LENS, whether made for a ps2 or not, is more then capable of it, and was working perfectly fine… it was more likely the fact there was a power surge that night, which also wiped out my electric blanket :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhow, more often then not, its the Inner lens that is dirty, rather then the outer lens, and thats a heck load harder to clean. so hard that people have trashed thier ps2’s doing it by breaking the trace accidentally on the side of the lens.

I was only trying to help,At the end of the day,its your ps2 thats broke,and not mine

And if you think that dvd-rw’s are ok to use then thats fine
However,i know of a few users who have trashed the laser using these disks

i was just giving valid advice

that may be so if the cdrw was had been burnt to or used before,

this was scratchless, i even had to format the damn thing before use.

its the wear to the disk that causes it to work harder.

Never “TDK” media are really unreliable. Yeah those CMC stuffs. :smiley: Anyway RW’s can easily kill your lens, but I suspect the lens was already weak enough not to read that TDK printable media. Are you sure it is a lens problem at all, and only a fuse was gone ? Does the disk spin at all ?

regards, Stephen

never had an issue with them personally, till now, but i was using the non printable kind, which is probably why.