Interesting Find with PlexTools 2.18




I found that by highlighting my different drives in the top-right tree that I could do a write test of each. I’m including an image of 3 scans that I did using Memorex CMC MAG AE1 -R disks.

Green is Plextor Px-716A
Blue is NEC ND-3500A
Red is BenQ DW1620

This is useful to see write strategies of each drive and choose which to use on a particular media. Of course, you could do real burns and do the sum8 and sum1 tests also. My scans on PlexTools and the BenQ Quality Scan are pretty much the same.

I hope you find this useful. I did. :slight_smile:



Forgot to mention:

Plextor PX-716A with FW 1.02
NEC ND-1620 with FW Liggy and Dee’s V1.4
BenQ DW1620 with FW B7T9

The media is rated at 8X

With the NEC I can burn some 4X +R and -R media at 8X and 12X . . .
Amazing! :bigsmile:


Unfortunately, this only works on -R disks. PlexTools will complain that +RW disks can’t be simulated, but offers to burn the disks.

I wonder why so many people read these posts and nobody replies? It doesn’t seem worth the effort to post anything. I guess it’s all been said already . . .



Maybe some of us only have a single DVD burner and can’t do write tests with our old 4x Matsushita CDR burners! :bigsmile:

When the BenQs and NECs come down to $20 (March or April the way things are going), I will definitely avail myself of your find.

Don’t let lack of responses get you down … different things interest different people. Post a PIPO scan with PIE max of 2 and zero total PIF, and Zevia and Duckman will be all over you for system specs and configuration!


good way to show different CAV/CLV methods and the route a particular burner gets to max write speed.

i think most ppl familiar with PlexTools knew about this, hence the lack of replies. but like ftp1020 said…don’t worry about it…keep contributing and what goes around comes around :smiley:


Hey , I like it 2 !
This may encourage me to get both a NEC and a BenQ !!!
Guess You cannot test PIPO’s this way 2 ??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
Maybe if You write a large Nero-testfile … :confused:

But wait a minute and excuse my ignorance :

You cannot see non-Plextordrives PIPO in PlexTools ?
And You cannot see non-BenQdrives PIPO in Quality Scan ?
And the same goes for non-Lite-Ondrives in K-Probe ?
(Why doesn’t NEC have some scan-software ?!?!?)

You write it only works on -R , not on RW ; but do You maybe
mean DVD-R & DVD+r medias as opposed to +/-RW medias ?


Someone mentioned my name?!? :cool:
MarkA, great findings! That’s one thing that NeroCDSpeed can’t do.
Don’t be discourage, we need more people like you! :iagree:


Thank you all :slight_smile:



nope, each drive has its own scanning protocols/applications…sux, doesn’t it.
really can’t make 100% accurate assessments when the variables are so numerous.

and that’s a major drawback of the NEC drives - no quality checking capabilities. i wish i could get my 708UF to scan stuff too.


Probably most of you know this already, but you can do the same thing in Nero CD-DVD Speed with a DVD -R disk, though you can’t do the overlays. The way to do it is to put the disk in each of the drives and do a Transfer Rate Test. These appear to be simulated burns to me. Am I correct in this? :confused:

I’m including the 3 .png files I saved.



In both PlexTools and Nero CD-DVD Speed, DVD -R disks can be simulated. Also in Nero Proper. In PlexTools DVD +R can be simulated, but the other drives must have -R disks loaded. Does anyone know why +R disks can’t be simulated?