Interesting FE/FT test rsults

I just ran some FE/FT tests on Fuji 8X (Yuden T02), Verbatim 12X (MCC 003) and Verbatim 16X (MCC 004) discs. The tests were conducted on a PX-716SA using Plex tools version 2.20.Three disks were taken randomly from each stack. All Verbatim, 12X and 16X, indicated they could be burned at rated speed. None of the Fuji (Yuden T02) indicated that they could be burned at their rated speed.

I have read that Taiyo Yuden will often sell discs that are not top quality to other vendors. This test, at least for me, would appear to validate that information. I would like to hear results of other FE/FT tests that were conducted on media that has a Taiyo Yuden media code. I am curious to see if a FE/FT test will display distinctions between media sold with a Taiyo Yuden brand and media sold with other brand names that have a Taiyo Yuden media code.

Keep an eye on this thread. People are posting new scans all the time.

I think Fuji raided TY’s trash dumpster to get thier discs. I did TE/FE scans on a benq on 400 disc and kept only about 60 or so and returned the rest to Best Buy. Memorex 8X Made in India scan and burn a lot better than any of the Fuji TYs.

I have two Fuji TY02 cakeboxes from two different batches (TG001125 and TG001133).

The TG001125 FE/TE test @12x is good, and the discs burn tolerably well but not good @12x in the Plextor PX-712A (PIF max=16). Burning @12x and @16x in the NEC ND-3500AG also produce readable discs, but also with PIE and PIF spikes above specs. When burning @8x in either the Plextor or NEC drive the results are good but not great.

The TG001133 FE/TE test @12x exceeds the limitation value, and the discs sometimes makes unreadable coasters @8x and @12x in the Plextor PX-712A, usually failing to read (in other drives) at the 0.7GB point - corresponding to where the Tracking Error peaks. Burning @12x in the NEC ND-3500AG also produce readable discs, but with PIE and PIF spikes above specs. Burning @16x in the NEC drive has produced a couple of coasters.

When burning the TG001133 @6x in the Plextor drive the results are very good however - among the best burns I have - go figure! :confused:

Here are the FE/TE Scans:

[li]Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (YYDEN000 T02) TG001125[/li][li]Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (YYDEN000 T02) TG001133[/li][/ol]

Somehow the TG001133 FE/TE Scan went missing in my post above, so here it is: