Interesting DVD ISO file problem

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can help me out here.

I have put several movies into DVD ISO files and stored them on an network storage device.

Something went wrong with the device, and I had to pull the drive out of it and connect it to my system via a USB adaptor to get the data off.

All but 2 of the .ISO files now appear to be folders, not true .ISO files.

I can open the folder, and There are 2 files inside. One named “1” at about 4+gig (I’m assuming that is the DVD itself, and another named “2” that is about 300+KB wich I am assuming is file information.

I tried to copy these folders from the network storage drive to my PC, and get a “folder is corrupt error” because it is really not a folder.

Now the question, anyone know of a way to get these folders to appear as actual .ISO files? I’m assuming there is a bit not set right somewhere in the FAT for the drive for these files.

I would really love to recover these files. If anyone can offer any advice or assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


what the the extensions on the files that you see inside the folder?

what happens if you try to mount them on a virtual drive?

the easiest thing to do would probably be to re-rip the dvds.

The NAS device is very unlikely to be using a natively Windows-readable format. Which particular one are you referring to, and what went wrong?

The NAS is a Triton Simple NAS. It runs on imbedded Linux, but used a Fat32 file system.

I have put the drive into a USB enclosure, and can read the data. I had alot of MP3 files on it, and they are all fine. Checkdisk reports no errors.

There are about 15 DVD .ISO files on it, all but 2 are showing as folders. I have tried renaming one, but that does not do the trick.

If I open one of the .ISO folders, I can see 2 files that have no extension. They are named “1” and “2”.

The NAS took a lightning strike. Windows does not see the NAS correctly anymore, and I cannot access the web interface at all. Even with the default IP. So it’s hosed.

I need to find a way to change the attributes or “file type bit” back to a file, instead of a folder.

I really don’t want to rip 15 DVD’s all over again…That is a Last Resort only.

Thanks for the help so far.


I have exactly the same problem!

On a Acer laptop running XP and on a Sony Vaio running Vista…
The system sees the .ISO files as a folder and not as a file, the files are located on a external HDD (Freecom Network Drive) connected via USB.
The files worked perfectly on my desktop pc from the harddrive. Now the files are not working, I cannot even mount the .ISO with Daemon because it does not see it as a file but a file folder.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge!!

Open the folder and try to mount the large file as an ISO.

I’m wondering how you are getting files larger than 4GB onto a FAT32 partition, as I understand it, 4GB is the technical limit. I’m thinking that is your problem. I’m guessing if you look at the file sizes they are right at 4GB and were truncated making them unusable now. I’m not a “disk man”, just starting with the easiest answer first…