Interesting Canadian take on downloading

For my first post: an interesting development in the Canadian fight against downloading. Ok, maybe only interesting to some.

The Canadian counterpart to the RIAA has been trying to follow the lead of their US heroes for the past little while. They got a bit of a slap in the puss today by one Judge von Finckenstein (wasn’t that Dharma’s father?) who said not only do the ISP’s not have to reveal any names, but neither is filling your shared folder and letting everyone take what they want as long as you don’t actually advertise or send songs out! He also reinforced that downloading and recording for personal use isn’t illegal. That part is the same for many other countries, no?

Not sure how long these links will last. I think the paper clears them every so often.

Now I can safely get back to sharing my Gordon Lightfoot and Celine Dion collections! Oh yes, and smoking dope with impunity.