Interesting about flash utils



edit Nevermind I this it not true!!!!!!!
I was just playin around and I noticed that the TDK version flash utility allows a flash to continue even if you already have the newest version while the Lite-ON version does not(without being fooled). I just thought I'd let y'all know. Interesting...


I just noticed that the Lite-ON’s version is 1.047 while the TDK version is 1.045. That explains it. Waaaaaaa! and the util for 5S5A is 1.048A :confused:


Where did you get the TDK utility ???


directly here:


Ok I’ve downloaded said utility now how do I make it work for me :confused:


That utility is only for the TDK 241040B, is that the drive you want to flash? I can give you a newer version if you’d like. TDK hasn’t updated their firmware in a while.