OK… I’ve been reading up on this software and it seems to allow the user a lot of advanced options. My question or thought is since I use DvDShrink along with AnyDVD and I generally only copy the main movie title, most of the time my compression is between 80 to 90%, would DvdReMake Pro allow me to do better than that? Granted some movies do drop into the upper 60’s and on a wide screen, sometimes it shows up. I definately would like to increase my knowledge and skill at putting together dvd’s.
Secondly, what about future updates. Is that included with purchase or is what I buy what I keep and updates cost. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a gripe, would just sorta like to know up front the facts. I’m about 90% sure I’ll be buying so talk me out of it. LOL
Thanks and I appreciate any comments.

If you copy only main movie - it is not much where you can save quality wise. Strip unnecessary audio/sub streams (shrink can do this), cut off studio intro/creadits (better to use DRM as it will let you convert video to still while keeping intro/credits audio), strip angles you don’t need, if any (don’t think Shrink does this).

But actually when you will master DRMP you will probably stop doing movie only backups and will include menus as well. Since they will not take much space (can be converted to still) and will allow more comfortable navigation to chapters (at least).

Combining DVDs is really simple with DvdReMake. You’ve probably already seen guides on this at

All the minor versions (3.X.Y) are free for registerd users of DvdReMake Pro 3. Upgrade to next major release (v4) may cost something, but registered users will not pay more than 40% of v4 cost to upgrade. There is no plans to release v4 anytime soon (not within next 6 months for sure).

Hey, Thanks for your reply. I’m thinking that there will be things that I can do that I haven’t thought of yet because the software isn’t in front of me. I sort of like to look to the future and see whats next. I think this would be good for box sets like for the show “24” or other multi disc sets, espically as the DL media technology improves, or am I wrong? Thanks again.