Interested in Creating a YT Video About the Ethics of Movie Piracy

I am planning to do a YT video about movie piracy and the ethics involved with it, and I am wondering what are some points I can make in the video? I’d really like to get conversation going with people, especially those who don’t know about the fight between copyright holders and people like us who merely want to fairly use our content. Any help would be appreciated!

Well hogger if the companies that produced movies would charge a fair price instead of a arm and leg for their movies there wouldn’t be a problem.But greed runs the world and the one with the most money wins.Hot shot lawyers come out smelling like roses.and paid off Washington dudes get paid to pass bills against the little guy that would not see a movie if there wasn’t some kind of black market so to speck.

Couldn’t get me to do that.
Subject to being a glutton for punishment.
There will be many critics no matter how material is presented.

Here’s one point you might make. The encryption included on the physical disc will never go away, even if the copyright does expire. Older movies, made before 1978, have a maximum copyright duration of 95 years. So lets say you have a dvd of [I]Casablanca[/I], which was originally released in January of 1943. That is a bit more than 70 years ago now and its still protected for 25 more years, but even when the copyright expires, you still won’t be able to copy the movie off that disc, because the CSS protection will still be there. And at this point in time, breaking encryption for personal use has still not been tested in the courts for fair use exemption in the US.

The generic Anti-Piracy AD that they have on a number of movies and video games (ie you wouldn’t steal a car) and comparing it to downloading is just downright stupid. You can’t compare downloading to even stealing a videogame/movie from a rental or retail store. Why? Big Difference between the theft of physical property and the theft of an image. Not saying that there isn’t any harm, I am just saying there is a significant difference. With the theft of physical property you not only prevent a sale or rental to yourself but the sale/rental to others, with image theft (provided you aren’t a low-life who tries to make money off of it) it is only preventing a sale to a given individual (provided that they felt the product was worth buying at the listed price if they couldn’t download, rent-burn, etc.)

Second of all is the stupid statement “Piracy benefits no one.” Not saying there isn’t some harm, but I for one know a number of business involved in the manufacture of optical media, DVD/CD Burners and Harddrives/SSDs that would take a serious hit in sales without it.

Third, I for one enjoy classic films/games. The problem? A number of them were never printed on anything other than a worn out old VHS tape, or were only printed for a limited time and are unavailable through legal venues, but are readily available through questionable ones. The ones you can find are so ridiculously overpriced (ie $50 or more for the movie) that no reasonable person would buy them.