Interested in copying music from movie DVD's

Hello. Completely new to this forum.

I am a music soundtrack CD collector and have a decent collection.

This may be a very basic problem for some, but I’m having a little difficulty doing the following…

Unfortunately, the music from a lot of my favourite, obscure movies is not available on CD. It can only be heard on a movie’s DVD.

Is it possible to record the music from a DVD movie and convert file to, for example, MP3?

Is there a program that can help me do this?

What are the steps involved?

Thanking you in advance.

You have to rip the movies to your hard drive, extract the audio, cut the audio into the parts you want and convert it to mp3. I think I remember seeing a guide over on If someone is talking over the music that will still be in there. Good Luck.

Are you sure that it is only on dvd and not on cd cuz i know that if it is in a dvd movie it is sure to come out on cd. Have you try searching for the name of the song and search it in some p2p, sometimes others have already exrtacted the audio into an mp3 so u can save some time.

use VirtualDub w/ MPEG2 decoder …on how to do it…go here and i believe this is how i did it in the past…successfully i might add :slight_smile:

Try DVDAudioExtractor (

I really appreciate the advice, folks.

I know the music (and a couple of songs) I want is not available on legit CD. I realize I’ll get Music and Effects (Dialogue/Sound Effects, etc.) as a mix, but tat doesn’t bother me.

I will explore these avenues and let you know how it went.

Much appreciated.

Its very easy by using DVD Decrypter (its free) and BeSweet (its also free).
You have to extract the audio from the DVD by using DVD Decrypter (the audio format is usually .ac3). Then get the audio file (.ac3) and convert it to mp3 by using the BeSweet. It works perfectly. Try it! If you deal with problems simply post back here.