Interaxia AG VDSPMSAB/01 double sided

Has anyone come across this kind of media? It’s double sided -R media with the MID “VDSPMSAB/01” which DVD Identifier says is made by Interaxia AG.

Is it any good? I got a small pan of 10 of them for fun. Can I expect much?

Keep your expectations very low. These guys make some seriously flawed media.

Bummer. Thanks for the reply rdgrimes. Given the wierd situation my burner is in WRT some -R media, I’m not even going to attempt to burn them. For some reason the drive reports (and actually does) that it will burn some -R media at 1x while the media table in the firmware says it only knows how to burn at 4x. Result? Very bad burns. But, it’s only some -R types…

If curious, see my thread over in the Liteon/Sony forum.

Results with this MID always were bad.

I guess I’m glad I only got the one little stack of 10, then. :slight_smile: I’m tempted to burn one just to see how bad they come out, but given that my DRU-710A is doing this wierd ‘burn some -R media at 1x even through firmware media tables say it should be done at 4x’ trick right now, I’m going to have to wait. Now, if I can get that solved… sigh

Thanks, chef. Good luck with your entropy.

How about you burn one and post some scans here when you get your burner situation sorted out. :slight_smile:

I’d be glad to! I scan every disc after I burn it and save the text and image files–I use Kprobe. I wonder if anyone wants to see a dozen scans of InfoMedia +R media? They’re the 100 disc spindles that my local CompUSA sells as “DVD+R 4x”.

The big problem is just resolving the problem with the drive acting funny with -R media. So far no help from the Lite-on/Sony forum. :frowning:

Interaxia is a DYE technology supplier they hardly make disc’s themselves.

In the past 3A has used some interaxia codes and these disc’s were ok. Support still sucked but disc’s itself were decent made.
However I do agree that most of the compannies that use interaxia technology produce crap media.

It’s been a long while since I’ve used them but I did buy some cheap “UL-tran” media about 18 months ago that had an “Interaxia VDSPMSAB” mid code. Actually they weren’t too bad, no coasters that I recall and the few discs that I still have today are all readable. Unfortunately the next pack I bought of the “same” stuff had a “ul-tran” mid code and those ones were pure 100% landfill-grade utter garbage, I never purhaced them again. Actually it was that very experience that originally prompted me to seek out information about determining mid codes, to find forums like this one and generally become a little more aware about media quality and testing.


I had a similar ‘awakening’ to the signifigance of MID codes. When I first got my DRU-710A, the shipping firmware was utter junk and wouldn’t burn any media I could find well. From reading this forum and others, it became aparent to me that the MID (and who really made the media) were very important in determining what to expect from a burn–for all types of drives.

What clinched it was buying some Philips branded (Philips MID) +R media and having that not burn right. Now, if the drive can’t burn media made by the people who developed the +R/RW standards, then, in my opinion, it’s the drives fault. Fortunately, a few firmware revisions and a few dozen costers later, BYX4 came out and seems much better than the original firmware.

Oh, and I also learned how to use/understand Kprobe. Now I Kprobe every disc after I burn it so I’ll always have a record of the complete history of the drive with all media types it’s encountered. :slight_smile: Sure, it takes time, but I’m not a duplicator, I don’t burn many discs at all.