Writer: Benq 1640
Firmware: BSLB
Media: Monarch DVD+R 4x
Burn Speed: 8´4x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2017
Scanned 2017

8x-scan would look good if those crazy spikes don´t exist.



LG GH24NSC0 allow 4x, but wrote more than 10 mins on the Lead In and stop writing

Samsung SH-224DB allow also only 4x, after the burn the media can´t be recognize

Till now Plextor looks the best with this media


This is nice media to play with.

A burn with an old 4x or 8x burner would be interesting.


Don´t have one :\

This one looks also not bad, but can be also a vary of media-quality


The quality of the Interaxia DVDRs vary from terrible (80% of them) to very good (those made by 3A Media).
However, no matter what the initial quality was, almost all Interaxia DVDRs used to deteriorate extremely quickly because of the unstable and hygroscopic dye.
The DVDRs made by 3A media were an exception as they were made with Interaxia stamper but dye was supplied by different supplier (Organica or Ciba).


3A? I´ve got unlabled media which should be 3A, but Kprobe showed Vanguard

Have some funny screens from my old 3A DVD+R, I think it was POMSC001 002

-R was better, somehow



Post the serial and hub numbers if you want to know the real manufacturer.
Kprobe mistakenly identified all VDSPMSAB as being produced by Vanguard.


Huh, I have to look if I still have em.


Unlabeled DVDs, sold as 3A:


HUB: L1 -R 3 2504 20:36 50153 41-50/09/21

Stamper: not readable, it´s on the outer ring

+R: POMC001 002

HUB: L3 +R 3 1304 06:45 21224 03260102 113R - 3

Stamper: (03260102) DVD+R 4.7GB 4X Theres also very small letters below this code, but atm I can´t read it


Both were made by 3A Media. Is the first one fully readable?


Yes, but it have scratches and dirt on the burned surface. I think it could be in better condition if I handled it with care :wink:


Writer: Pioneer DVR-S20
Firmware: 1.01
Media: Monarch DVD+R 4x
Burn Speed: 4x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2017
Scanned 2017

Still wonder why 4x CLV causes such results. In theory the writer only change rpm, speed and laser-power sould be same from begin to end

Pioneer DVR-220L/220VXL/S20L/S20FXV

Writer: Pioneer DVR-215
Firmware: 1.22
Media: Monarch DVD+R 4x
Burn Speed: 4x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2017
Scanned 2017

Looks a bit better with the 215

Pioneer DVR-215: Post your scans and questions here

Maybe different thickens of the dye on different parts of the disc. The laser strength set for the beginning of the disc is too high for the part around 2.5GB, OPC correction for the part after 2.5, laser strength now is too low, again OPC… anyway just my theory :slight_smile:


Pioneers OPC often kick in, that´s true. On some media it worked not that bad, sometimes you can see when the PI raises the Pioneer slow down the speed, maybe the laser power also changes

But with that media many writers have problems on some parts of the disc


Monarch DVD+R 4x / VDSPMSAB 001
supplied by Tester_1

Burned with LG GH22LP20 @4x


Only 4x possible?

Totally different to my result with Pioneer 215, Benq likes this burn more and Liteon less, vice versa with your burn


4x and 8x
So it knows the media I think

Yeah these are crazy discs


Tried the 2nd disc with LG GSA-4163B (4x) and it is not readable after burning.


Looks like massive upshift/downshift while burning

Only 4x available?