Interactive Who wants to be a millionaire 3,backed up ,non working

:sad: Anybody managed to backup and get working this game,it seems easy enough to back up but always stops in the same place at the £1000 question,i used the latest anydvd,dvdshrink and dvd decrypter but with no success. :a :sad:

you getting somewhere because i cant even back it up using latest any dvd and dvd shrink so let me know please

anyone got this working?i have tried most programs and it either fails or wont compress

anyone done this yet???

Can slysoft sort out this dvd then who wants to be a millionaire 3rd edition, must have some sort of protection on it to trick the software thinking it cant fit onto a standard dvd disc, so what is wrong, we are all shouting and hoping slysoft will sort this out, maybe its not to do with anydvd this time maybe its all to do with clonedvd???

Don’t know if this will help, but I’ve found on “interactive” DVDs like this you should make sure “Prohibited User Operations” under the removal settings is disabled in AnyDVD (both when making the copy and when trying to play it back on the PC).

A number of interactive disks tend to get in a loop, jumping to seeming random places, out of order playing and locking up some DVD drives when PUO have been removed.

I think this is a differnt problem on this title, when you try to copy this title, it wont compress the dvd down to a single 4.7gb dvd, even though the original is only 6.5gb, why it wont compress it down enough i just dont have a clue, this could be some kind of new protection which we all could start to see on all dvd film titles if so i hope DL-dvd discs come down price???

I think the problem is with the subtitles. The video compresses down as does the sound. However it seems as though the duplication software does not take into account the subtitles (these are usually negligible amounts with films etc) but with this DVD they are quite sizeable. Is this where the questions are stored? Not sure it helps to solve the problem unless someone can come up with an idea.

im guessing this is an interactive dvd game. What media are you using? and what make is your burner?

Burner - Pioneer :- Software - tried DVD Clone, Nero, DVD X Copy and DVD shrink!!

I did a back-up of this in alcohol 120. might give that a try.

Looked at this software but it doesnt appear to compress the data? Or am I missing something? It appears only to want to copy the disc…which is too large to fit on a single layer disc.

There is nothing out there that I know of to compress PC games. You must use the appropiate size blank disc to make a copy.

I agree about games - but this interactive DVD could, in theory, be compressed by reducing the quality of the videos sufficiently. The previous versions could be. But this one is proving to be far more difficult.

use dvd shrink then nero recode then take off the first sound file in extras and it will and worh i’ve tryed and it does :smiley: :iagree: :bow: :o

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