Interactive dvd-rom to regular dvd?

I need to transfer video files from an interactive dvd onto a regular dvd-r. As you’d expect the files are structured differently from a regular dvd. Firstly there are no .ifo files, each folder containing the video files contain 2 or 3 .vob files and a short file with setup information. So far I’ve only managed to view the video with windows media player. i’ve tried about 10 or 12 different pieces of software off the net but all are struggling to read these .vob files. Does anyone have any experience in this area - be most grateful for any help.

VOBEdit can demux the video (M2V) and the audio (AC3) tracks from any VOB set. Click ‘open’ than ‘demux__demux all video tracks’ and ‘demux__demux all audio tracks’ keeping only the audio tracks you want to keep. The problem will be to put them all on a DVD (maybe DVDLab? I never used it…)

Hey thanks. i’ve just downloaded a copy of both VOBEdit and DVDLab - seems DVDLab can deal with the files quite easily - I don’t actually need audio - but needed a breakdown of files to go in the VIDEO_TS folder. I just have to get my DVD from NTSC to PAL, I think that DVDShrink does that, but I’ve not looked into it yet. Sorry I didn’t reply straight away I’ve been away, but thanks again for the advice - DVDLab seems to be an excellent program, just a bit twitchy as it has crashed and closed itself down on me a couple of times. Shame as I would probably buy after the trial af not for this.


Still not getting anywhere - thought I was but my DVDs just not being recognised. Maybe its something to do with recording NTSC content on a PAL DVD writer? Has anyone got any suggestions as I’m approaching 20 hours work with nothing but a headache to show for it!