Interactive CD



Hi guys,

If anyone of you could please give me some sort of idea how to create an interactive CD…

I would like to create a CD which will be played automatically when inserted into computer… the homepage will just like a normal website with header, body and footer for example. In the body, I would like to place an embedded code there which would be similar to youtube embedded code to play video. Thus, if someone want to play that video, his PC must be connected to INTERNET.

Is there anyway of doing this? Would it similar to ebook?



Look at this, if it will work for you.


Thanks “CDuncle”, i’m not quite sure if this software allows me to get a result like normal website which contains flash video and the look as well. I might need to thing can just import my xhtml file into the CD to make it like interactive CD player


It has been a while since I used this software, but if I remember correctly, you could import music player.
Not that it has to do with what you want, but you can get 30 day trail and see if it does what you want.