Intenso SSD SATA III Top controller

Does anybody have an idea what controller is used in this SSD drive?:

Going by the capacities and the performance specs. I’d say it’s most likely a Marvell 88SS9189 controller.

Thanks, Dee. :flower:
I am looking for my first SSD and I cannot decide between four or five budget models. Which one of these would you choose? The SSD is going to be used as a HDD replacement in frequently used Toshiba laptop.

ADATA SSD Premier Pro SP900 128GB
Kingston SSD disk 120GB SSDNow V300
ADATA SSD Premier Pro SP920 128GB
ADATA SSD Premier Pro SP920 128GB

As far as I know, the AData SP9xx series uses SandForce SF2281, which may not be a great choice for a laptop which may be put into a sleep state.

My personal choice would be one of the following.
OCZ Vector 150
Samsung 840 EVO
Crucial M500 or M550 (M550 if available)
OCZ Vertex 460
Toshiba HG6, if you are prepared to wait a couple of weeks on availability.