Intending to buy a new Drive, NEC, more?

Well After being disapointed with my sony 710a I am going to get an NEC.

First off I plan on getting an AOpen DVD-1648/AAP for ripping, this is the best still right.

As for the NEC I have a few options


What does everyone think?
As for set up should I put the Aopen on the master Sec, and the NEC Slave Sec?

Thanks for the help also what firmwares should I use for the NEC drives

Thanks Andy


Very happy with both my 3500’s and AOpen 1648/aap and /aap Pro (suggest going the Pro)-


So this is not the pro then I take it

I was hoping I could get both from newegg, I guess I will have to shop around

thanks Bigmike


If you can’t find the Aopen at Newegg check into Also I’d suggest the Samsung TS-H492. It’s a good cd-burner and very fast at reading pressed DVD’s as well as being able to read scratched/dirty discs very well. I can’t be happier with the drive personally. :slight_smile:

I got that unit from that link at Newegg a couple weeks ago - it is the latest Aopen 1648/aap Pro model. I verifed the exact model number they list with the Aopen website and it checked out as the Aopen 1648/aap Pro White OEM model.


Ordered the very same thing and got the 1648/aap Pro also-

Go for it-


Thanks guys, well it looks like my order will be going in soon

So what do you guy think about the nec? Is it really worth looking for a 3500 rather than a 3520?

Anyone know when that 3540 is coming out?

Thanks Andy

Get the 3500 if you can find one.

If you are not in a hurry look to the future and get a 3540. It has one advantage for the future, 8X DL recording. I am using a 3500 and very happy, but am looking to the future and the availability of affordable DL blanks. If you want something for right now my 3500(Mad Dog) makes me happy. The 1648 Pro is also a good choice.

Well I ordered this drive , is newegg shipping the aap pro?
I guess this is the best firmware then R1.02


Thanks Andy

I got that Aopen drive from Newegg - it is the latest DVD-1648/AAP Pro OEM model. If you look up the model # 91.4ED37.402 on the Aopen website it shows as the OEM Pro white model. I’ve tried both 1.00 and 1.02 firmware, I have had slightly better results (faster speeds) with 1.00 and found no advantages with 1.02 with the discs I’ve tested.

Thanks that whats I was looking for, so is 1.00 the stock firmware then?


Sometime in the second quarter. It already being advertised in Germany.

If you can still find a 3500A go for it. This is a top notch drive. Don’t forget blu-ray and hd-dvd are just around the cornor, so waiting for D/L disks to drop in price may be silly. Get a burner now and enjoy.