Intels Rocket Lake coming in Q1 2021

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Still rumoured to be built on a 14nm process, and unless they pull a very surprise. Intel will still not have a CPU that can compete with Ryzen 5900X or 5950X.
Maybe have been better naming it CoffinLake. :slight_smile:


SnailLake? :grin:


AMD are for the first time in a long time the fastest, But I guess we should never write off Intel.
Intel have the cash to be great again. If only they had an engineer as CEO like AMD has, instead of a bean counter who appears to largely ignore the engineers. :slight_smile:


Some more details are emerging about Rocket Lake. But be advised they are rumours and speculation. Some seem sensible, other rumours and speculation I think are nonsense.

First the sensible ones.
Rocket Lake will be built on a 14nm process. Almost a certainty that this will be the case, as Intel just can’t get 10nm to work.

The 11900K the top tier processor will have 8 cores rather than the 10 cores on Comet Lake.
This seems sensible as the original spec for Rocket Lake was to be built on a 10nm process. The cores are more complex than Comet Lake, and scaling Rocket Lake up to 14nm requires extra space on the die.

No DDR5 support. This is a no brainer as DDR5 won’t be ready until Q3 2021.
PCIe4 support = Yes.
Max clock frequency = 5GHzs. Again sensible as larger cores will produce more heat on 14nm.
If this is the case, then Intel is going to require a very large IPC increase (10% plus) to beat AMD on gaming. Rocket Lake is going to get nowhere near Ryzen 5900X and 5950X on content creation tasks.

Now the silly speculation.
Rocket Lake will be able to reach 5.6Ghz.
Not a chance this will happen on 14nm with a CPU core that is already struggling for space on the die. Perhaps with sub zero cooling. and not to mention the power consumption overwhelming the power delivery stages (VRM’s).


I still think intel maybe beat the ryzen 5000’s when they are overclocked to hell

Well that’s the thing. Comet Lake doesn’t overlock well, as its already on the ragged edge of what is possible.
If Intel limit themselves to a max boost clock of 5GHz on Rocket Lake, there wont be much headroom on a 14nm CPU.
Also. If Intel do get an advantage. AMD will just cherry pick some chiplets, and bring out an XT version which boosts higher than the present CPU’s. Even then, Intel are not going to beat a 12 or 16 core CPU on heavily threaded workloads, regardless of how much it overclocks.

Intel really badly need to get to 7nm. AMD Ryzen ZEN 4 cores will be on 5nm before Intel get to 7nm, and ZEN 4 is rumoured to support DDR5.

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