Intels new 775 mboards..what are they thinking?

I went to local Microcenter, and low and behold new Intel 775 Boards are there. Well after looking at them and seeing what they have to offer, I noticed one thing. NO AGP SLOT! They use what is called a PCI express slot for thier video cards. Well, this is all and good, but I am not going to buy another video card just for the mother board. Especially since i just bought a 6800 GT. As far as ive seen the performance of that slot is supposed to be better than AGP (twice the bandwith), but from what ive seen of the small selection of video card available, I am not impressed. Me thinks this will go the way of RAMBUS, another Intel Brainstorm thats in the trashbin. I’m staying with AMD, thank you!

Actually all chipset manufacturers are going to migrate to PCI Express sooner or later.

I think PCI Express will b ethe next big thing. So many gamers out there, they will all run get the newest hype thing for their fancy games.

I’m so happy I have 4 games in total, none too power hungry. :wink:

Once people used only PCI graphics cards and even ISA before that. I still have PCI VGA and ISA VGA cards. :slight_smile:

HEHE, am I the only one stupid enough to pay 400$ for a video card??

I’ll get one if it’s available for under US$300 within this month. :slight_smile:

Nope. I will be soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m quite sure that s775 boards with AGP will be available soon. Although PCIe is indeed the next logical step, AGP will be around for some time. There are too many people that don’t want to ditch their old cards just because the hardware manufacturers want us to go with PCIe. It may be a good time to sell that 6800GT though ;).

I can’t wait till NVidia delivers the P4/A64 chipsets that support VGA arrays (using two PCIe 3D cards instead of just one, to gain double performance). This is somewhat like the SLI technology we knew from the Voodoo cards…

At $500 a pop you’d have to be mad :stuck_out_tongue:

I was allways under the impression that PCI hogged system resources. ALso the AGP was created for video cards, thats where it gots its name. Accelerated Graphics Port. The average AGP offers 2GB bandwidith which is overwhelled by the PCIe’s 4GB transfer… but while the average video card sends… what. 250Mb of data in and out… therefore only needs about .5Gb of bandwidith. I swear some people (intel) are just plain stupid.

From what I gather. The PCIExpress slot does not share resources with other pci devices and is twice the bandwith.

PCI Express

An I/O interconnect bus standard (which includes a protocol and a layered architecture) that expands on and doubles the data transfer rates of original PCI. PCI Express is a two-way, serial connection that carries data in packets along two pairs of point-to-point data lanes, compared to the single parallel data bus of traditional PCI that routes data at a set rate. Initial bit rates for PCI Express reach 2.5Gb/s per lane direction, which equate to data transfer rates of approximately 200MB/s. PCI Express was developed so that high-speed interconnects such as 1394b, USB 2.0, InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet would have an I/O architecture suitable for their transfer high speeds.

Unfortunately, no. If you check out the various hardware forums around the net, you’ll see there are tons of nuts who are all over $400 gfx cards and calling it a hot deal.