Intelligent MP3 player plays the right song at the right moment

I just posted the article Intelligent MP3 player plays the right song at the right moment.

According to Synapseai, they have developed
MP3 player software that is able to play the right song, at the right moment. It
should analyze your musical preferences and your music…

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Nullsoft wannabe’s. And. Their player is written in VisualBasic and their websites in ASP.

I don’t see anything wrong with VisualBasic as long as they’re not trying to sell the player. It should be illegal to sell a program written in VisualBasic.

What the hell guys, VB is on of my favorite programming languages. Of course you can’t write any real program in it unless you program all the important stuff in C++. But for me, programming the GUI with VB is just funner.

why not have even more fun and do the whole thing in delphi?

fun is writing in excel spreadsheet

It is funner to write in C++, because it is more complex and powerful, the higher the challenge, the higher the fun and the possible rewards. :wink:

lol I guess funner is left to be decided to the person writing the code. Everything else is non-debatable.

In a nutshell, Audioscrobbler endeavours to be your personal music advisor. It grows to know what music you like by monitoring what songs you play on your computer. From this information you can discover other users that share some or all of your taste in music. You can also view data showing what your most-played artists are, and find out who likes a particular artist the most. Audioscrobbler makes it easy to find people with similar musical tastes, and allows you to browse their profiles. Automatic suggestion generation is currently under development.

Is it just me or does this sound extremely weird? Almost none of my MP3’s have the genre filled in. Even if they have, 8 out of the 9 times it isn’t the genre that I would put it in. So how does this player determine that Ernie - Rubberducky.mp3 is NOT a trance song eventho the genre says it is? Do I have to go through all my MP3’s and change the genre in order to use this plugin?