Intel X25E not found newer than 11.2 Intel AHCI


i have a ASRock P67 Extreme4 Mainboard, with a Intel X25E SSD on
Intel SATA2 or SATA3 Port with Intel AHCI/RST Driver
My Boot Disk is a Crucial M4.

When i update a newer RST Driver, 11.6, 11.7 … my Intel SSD is removed.
I installed Windows 7 x64 fresh with new differents RST driver, but every time
is my Intel X25E removed.
When I installed the older Version 11.2 (and more older), than is all ok.

What is the problem with the newer driver?

I have no idea. Bios from Mainboard is 3.1.


Sorry for my bad english

Welcome to the forum.
RST version 11.x.x.x are designed for the Z77 chipsets and option ROMS, the RST 10.x.x.x series of drivers are designed for P67/H67/Z68 chipsets and option ROMS.

In general it is best to match the RST driver series to the motherboards option ROM. However, in most cases using the 11 series RST drivers will work just fine with the 10 series option ROMS found in P67/H67/Z68 motherboards.

It could just be that something they have changed in the 11.6/11.7 series drivers are causing some sort of compatibility problem with SATA2 devices on the 10 series motherboards and option ROMS.