Intel X25-E SSD tops graphs in Tech Report review

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When the Tech Report reviewed Intel’s first SSD, the X25-M, they found the drive to be the fastest drive they had ever tested, with the only let down being its fairly slow write performance. …

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These drives really do rock. I was able to get 6 sample drives from Intel to test with in server environments, heavy file I/O, (random read/write/create/deleted/rename/etc. from multiple clients) and they’ve been very impressive. I’ve been comparing them to 15,000 RPM SAS server drives, and in every area aside from capacity they win easily. In fact, a single one of these SSD drives can match the performance of 4 SAS drives in a RAID 0 array. If the manufacturers can mature these products with greater capacity and continue to increase the performance, SSD drives will almost certainly become the near-line storage choice for servers. And while desktop users might shy away from the lower capacity, if the prices get more reasonable you can bet these drives will find a place in the desktop as folks mix them with high capacity slower drives to get the best of both. This market segment is going to be exciting to watch to say the least.