Intel won't release patch for Spectre vulnerability for older CPUs

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Intel isn’t planning to patch the Spectre leak in older CPUs, according to a revision guidance posted by the company this week. The processors for which the chip giant won’t release updates are used in ‘closed systems’ with a lower likelihood to be exploited, according to the company.

I dunno if it makes a difference because motherboard-manufacturers need to release BIOS-Updates; and they want to sell new boards instead of support older boards

Problem here it’s already to late not everyone is upgrading every year. Not everyone has that kinda money just laying around. So unless you know what your talking about one shouldn’t not make assumptions they don’t know.

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Intel could validate the microcode updates and then let Microsoft push them as an OS update as they have already done with KB4090007 for Skylake, Kaby Lake & Coffee Lake systems. That said, I do see it as a money issue. People will be more prone to invest in newer hardware when there is no fix for older hardware. I also suspect Microsoft doesn’t want to be stuck with having to deal with any issues if some of the microcode updates are buggy.

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