Intel won't back USB 3.0 until 2011



I just posted the article Intel won’t back USB 3.0 until 2011.

Mainstream adoption of USB 3.0 is probably out of the question for this year, as Intel may not adopt the standard until 2011.

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Gigabyte is already on this and has been selling boards with USB 3.0 for a few months now. I’m in no rush for it and can wait until Microsoft and Intel get it together.


My ASUS has 2 USB 3.0 ports as well. Win 7 SP1 supposed to install appropriate drivers to utilize it too I hear.


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I don’t care ill just run my AMD Linux and be good to go for USB 3.0

Yeah most mobo i see for sale now support USB 3.0 and many flash units are adapting it. I think Intel is being a little dumb and it will be mainstream before they think leaving them behind the game. As for MS windows i’m sure there will be support for it WAY before the new windows. Even if its a 3rd parts software release at worst. Which in turn will make MS develop one and release some SP or something. And with Linux taking it on and if OSX decides to adopt it MS will release USB 3.0 support.


Pretty lame that Intel is delaying USB 3.0 support. If they supported it now, it would drive more PC sales as a value added feature.


This timescale fits in nice with P65, which is due Q1 2011, X68 is supposed to be out Q4 2010, but no USB3 support, although speculation on P65 and X68 seems to conflict if USB3 will make it into either of these chipsets, although i would say that P65 is the more likely to have USB3.

I have one of those Gigabyte boards that support USB3, and it works very well.


A USB3 adaptor on my current board ???