Intel vs AMD for DVD copying/encoding

Which is best Intel or AMD.

I need to mainly back up DVD’s to DVDR and play DivX

Intel is faster for encoding, since the memory bandwidth is better. But for burning and ripping it really don’t make any difference since the limiting factor is the speed of the optical drives.

If you want memory bandwidth
you better look at the AMD athlon64/ opteron systems or better yet build your own :slight_smile: have fun. Intel is playing catch up right now .

but i should be carefull I dont want to get in the middle of a AMD vs. Intel bash. really you should do some reading on the subject and decide what is the best for you. its kinda like asking what car should i drive. ya know :slight_smile: everyone has there opinion. there is piles of info out there and benchmarks etc. good luck.


I’m using a Athlon 2600 @ 205x11 and also a P4 2.8 to encode similar projects, I see no difference in times that I would call significant.