Intel Viiv & Vista

I recently purchased an Intel DG965WH motherboard, Core 2 Duo E6300 and Windows Vista Home Premium. All of the components in my system pass the Viiv certification test utility but I cannot install the Viiv driver for Vista because it is an driver upgrade not a full install and requires that you have v1.5 or v1.6 installed first, yet v1.5 of the driver provided on the motherboard disc is not Vista compatible. A weird catch-22! Does anyone out there have the full install of the Viiv 1.6 software for Vista on their Intel motherboard driver DVD? If so would you be willing to upload it for us other poor souls that cannot use our Viiv enabled hardware? Normally I would not ask such a request but I have searched high and low for the last 5 days and its starting to drive me crazy. Normally I can find the answer or solution to just about anything without any help but I’m totally lost here and I’m asking for the help of the CDFreaks community.

Everything that I can find says you either need 1.5 installed or 1.6.

have you tried emialing Intel to see if they have it for downlaod somwhere or if they can send you out a DVD?

Have a look at this.

Intel Forums

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Many thanks platinumsword! That is exactly what I needed. I just knew the combined brain power of the CDFreaks community could solve this problem. For anyone else that needs this download here is the link.

Intel Viiv 1.6 Full Download for Vista

The above link takes you to the Gateway website.

No problem. :slight_smile:

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