Intel used hidden fridge-sized cooler during demonstration of 28-Core 5Ghz processor


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Two days ago, Intel demonstrated a 28-Core desktop CPU running at 5Ghz during a press conference at Computex, currently held in Taipei, Taiwan. The CPU got a lot of media attention also because the chip giant promised the processor would become available by the end of this year. However, the company didn’t mention the fairly extreme cooling it used during the demonstration.


I guess the 32 core, 64 thread chip from AMD running on air cooling made Intel a little nervous to the point they had to try and hoodwink the public. The thing is that many of the so called tech experts on the interwebs fell for it. AMD had a lot of new products on display and it seems they are going to be moving very aggressively in the CPU and GPU segment. It is really good to see legitimate competition again in the CPU market and hopefully the GPU market.

As an aside, I recently built a 2200G HTPC and am very impressed with it. I picked up the CPU from Microcenter for $79 and it has to be the best bang for the buck CPU purchase I have made in a very long time. I don’t game but it is very quick for what I use it for and the graphics overclock to 1,550 mhz and the CPU to 4 ghz on stock voltage. All this from a $79 CPU. I hope AMD keeps the pressure up on Intel because it will mean very good things for us consumers.


Intel could have used a different approach on this, they could have sold this as
an attempt to break some kind of world record on a multi core cpu, but they
way that they did it was just a joke.

Now lets wait and see if there will be a new HEDT platform that will be using a xeon socket
and maybe also a xeon chipset?

So far AMD has done an excellent job with their CPU they are great value for money,
not great overclockers, but still you get a lot of cores for a good price, and if you
can use all those cores/threads then AMD looks more attractive.

I am also tempted to build an inexpensive amd 2200G system late this year to replace my
g3900 as a daily system for browsing, watching movies/youtube and listening to music, i
forgot to add skype on this :wink: should be able to last a couple of years.


The nice thing about AMD is that they say the AM4 socket will be used through 2019 or 2020 so the CPU upgrade path from the 2200G should be very good over the next 1-2 years. An added bonus is the 2200G will do 8, 10 and 12 bit color at 30hz or less. It will also do 4k at 60hz with the settings tweaked correctly. It seems the the AM4 socket motherboards have some degree of HDMI 2.0 compatibility.