Intel Updates their New i9 Prices on Chips

Pricing is still on the high side for my taste plus not many people need 12c/24t.
The only thing that they might have done right is the low clock speed, if all goes well with stock speed it should not be that insanely hot. BTW, we are getting closer to xeon speeds, what a surprise :wink:
For the rest we have to wait and see how well it does with the threadripper.

Asus has redesigned their whole VRM, and will release a modified version of their X299 motherboards next week.

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Soon the rest of the will follow.

This is called being scared and afraid of AMD CPU the new revised kid is coming with a jack hammer to iNtel strangle hold and they are now running scared. Prices will have to be far lower if iNtel wants to keep AMD CPU at bay.

I would never choose the 7900X. The temps are insane along with the power consumption. AMD Threadripper gives more PCIe lanes for the same price, plus more cores and threads. The 7900X will not be worth it when AMD Threadripper goes on sale. I feel like both chips are overkill for most users anyway. A 7th Gen Intel i7 or the AMD Ryzen 5/Ryzen 7 are all perfectly good chips at an affordable price for most needs.

Coffee Lake is out and the 8700K is less than 400USD, 6 cores 12Threads.

Is out? I was under the impression that it would be available tomorrow 5th of October, I am thinking about moving to Coffee lake, if pricing in this this cursed part of the world is OK.

They are still using 14nm where is the 10nm??? Sounds like iNtel is running scared because of Rzyen and it serves them right for price gouging customers all these years now AMD is back and iNtel can’t answer AMD. Pretty sad is what I say…

More than 100% than intel can answer what ever AMD has to offer, the question if do they wan to do that?

I am also waiting to see the performance of the new 6c/12T intel CPU’s, for the moment the king to value for money is AMD, and with the pricing that Intel has for Coffee Lake AMD it will continue to be that way.

The question is how much better their 6C/12T cpu can be, and I am not thinking about the 6C/12T AMD cpu, but the 8C/16T AMD cpu, if intel is not able to beat the 8C AMD cpu then this will be a huge disappointment.

In the realm of everyday users they will go for the AMD price. What your fantasying over is the minority Power users that the General users will not see. All those numbers are good on paper but when it comes to john and jane doe AMD Rzyen will eat iNtel.

We will see very soon how well the 6 core Coffee Lake performs.
I would expect Coffee Lake to be faster than RyZen for games, and single core tasks, but I would expect RyZen having 2 more cores in the R7 to be the faster CPU when all those cores can be utilised.

Coffee Lakes 8700K price means it will have to compete with RyZen R7 1800X. Lets hope the people who are reviewing the 8700K compare it to the 1800X and not a Ryzen R5.

We’ll also have to wait and see how well Coffee Lake overclocks. With 6 cores, thermals are likely to be the limiting factor here.

You know that what they will do already. But for the general populous it’s about bang for the buck and so far RyZen seems to be shoehorning into that spot nicely. iNtel for all the talk on 10nm has now seem mum about 14nm only so they thought they were the only player and could scalp buyers but now their playbook is busted and can’t seem to get any good product. They can only play the numbers game but now they have not much to show and AMD is stealing the show.