Intel to utilize integrated GPU for antivirus scanning with Accelerated Memory Scanning technology

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Intel today announced new technology that allows antivirus software to utilize the integrated GPU on Intel processors. The technology is called Accelerated Memory Scanning. According to the chip-giant it should decrease the impact of antivirus scans on system performance and lower power consumption.

According to the teaching of god? A/V should be mininmal impact already. So what smoke are they blowing up our a55 now??? How about they fixed the Spectre problem first…

If there was one thing I always hated about anti-malware software, it was the performance hit. Even with multi-core CPUs, if you have real-time malware protection, it will slow your system down significantly.

I’m sure they will. You just need to fork over a metric butt-ton of cash in order to get a fixed processor. Capitalism and greed at their finest, ladies and gentlemen.