Intel to unleash gamers 3.2 gigahertz P4 with 2meg L3 cache

I just posted the article Intel to unleash gamers 3.2 gigahertz P4 with 2meg L3 cache.

Semiconductor giant Intel is luring PC gamers with a special processor called the Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading Technology, Extreme Edition. The announcement was made at the Intel…

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3.2Ghz P4 for $ 637? I paid less than $ 100 for a AMD Barton 2500+ which I overclocked to 2200+Mhz and 420Mhz FSB (Equivilant to a AMD Barton 3.2Ghz)… Granted the 3.2Ghz P4 still outperforms it, but not by much and in no way justifies its price -> performance…
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Same here, expect the Barton to be another pretty overclockable CPU. As sure as there’s the danger of overheating, I can change 3 Mobos and 3 Bartons and still not pay the awesome price of $ 700 for a PIV CPU.

" which I overclocked to 2200+Mhz and 420Mhz FSB " Imagine making those changes to 2.2 P4. I think the performance would be similar and the price is too.

Very little performance increase for the big cost increase. Its basically so they can SAY that their car cost more or their penis is bigger than yours, when in reality it doesn’t matter.

squinty, heh, my exact point, except for the car, which I don’t own :slight_smile:

I wonder what the transfer speed is to l3 cache.

“At a time when the virus of the week seems to plague all of us, making our computing devices more secure must become a top priority for the industry to ensure future growth,” I’ve seen this similiar statement from other companies. Do I smell DRM on the horizon? God I hope not.

I could have sworn this is a CD/DVD news site.

We are, however we do also news about filesharing and copy protections. This CPU seems to be the first to incooperate DRM, which will likely also be used on movies and music in the future, and is already used on the recent HD-DVD Terminator 3.

Sweet, I want one… Unfortunately, no money! :+

It seems nice apart the DRM part. While one would expect restrictions on their PC in a business environment, it will not be a nice feeling that you no longer have full administrative control of your home PC! :c It looks like Intel is starting to listen to the Entertainment Industry and begin following their ways. This is equivalent to one business telling another business what to do. When this happens, the business begins ignoring the customers since a ‘business letter or proposal’ looks more neat and formal than a typical ‘customer E-mail’. Next, the business (Intel in this case) begin following what other businesses (entertainment industry) are asking for; not realising that the music and video industry buy far fewer PCs than home users!! When a customer does not want something in their product, what happens: They find a competitor! :d Intel need to realise that just because they may have high performance specifications, does not mean that something extra like DRM features will have minimal effect on whether the customer decides to purchase it. If the music or video industry wants hardware based DRM features in a PC, they should make their own dongle or add-on, which a customer can optionally purchase from a record store to play DRM protected content.

Seán, Yes DRM is coming no matter what, who needs it. But if you want to see how you may be enticed to accept it. Take a look at this other concept from Intel. “Vanderpool” it’s a new direction. “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down” :wink: Dan
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any idea what cache is? :stuck_out_tongue: - wish i could afford one.

Well personally, I am planning to wait until around the first of the year to buy an Ahlon64 (that is to be announced next week) along with an NForce-3 MotherBoard. When AnandTech built an Opteron system to emulate the upcoming Athlon64 one of the comments in the “conclusion” was the following: " When you find game benchmarks 10% to 20% higher, you are genuinely impressed. However, in some of the very latest DX9 benchmarks, Athlon64/Opteron was 40% to 50% faster" - and this was in reference to 32bit software on a 32bit WinXP. As Longhorn is released and 64bit apps begin to appear it should only get better. “I” can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Yeah im wating to build a new system till 1Q 2004 too but using the Prescott 775. Its still 32 bit I believe but its going to be much faster. Longhorn is due till 2Q 2005 so that gives me plenty of time to still enjoy the 32 bit market and watch Intel still beat the pants off AMD. “Enjoy Intel now, for soon Steve Jobs will get a clue…” - anonymous

Intel, may beat AMD… Afterall they are the goliath of CPU’s while AMD is David… But money talks, and AMD is the best value for the buck… If AMD did not exist, you can bet your pants that Intel would be charging even more for their CPU’s and we would be re-living the past when computers with Intel CPU’s cost $ 3000+… The best may not necessarily be the better of the two!
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