Intel to Build $2.5 Billion Chip Plant in China

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini Monday confirmed the company plans to build a $2.5 billion chip plant in China. The plant, to be built in Dalian, on China’s northeastern coast, will enter production during the first half of 2010.

Intel hopes the Dalian plant, which will be used to initially produce chipsets, and not the company’s flagship microprocessors, will help drive down manufacturing costs.

One of the things we want to learn in China is how to do very low-cost manufacturing,” Otellini said during a press conference in Beijing, which was carried live over the Internet by Chinese media.

…I’m sure they will show you the “10-year old” method :wink:

Yup. As though Intel doesn’t know this already.

More middle-class electrical engineers (and tax payers) can now kiss their careers goodbye and try on those cute little paper hats.

“Would you like frys with that?”

Lol! Aye :wink:

How to do low cost manufacturing … fire all the adequately paid employees and hire a bunch of uneducated, homeless people for 1/10 of the wage.

At any rate, I’m never buying an Intel based motherboard again.

Some things need skilled people. After hearing about the cleaners baking their pizzas in intel’s chip ovens and ruining batches, damn!
Buggered if I’m putting up with filfthy homeless chinese people frying their wontons on my northbridge!