Intel takes NVIDIA to court over chipset licensing

Oh, brother. Another Intel / NVIDIA paper fight? As fate would so fittingly have it, these two giants are meeting up yet again, this time in the courtroom.



I hope the two of them sue & counter sue eachother until the cows come home. They might then be persuaded to drop their prices in a deperate money grab.
Game on!

Sounds like another AMD vs. Intel againโ€ฆ lolโ€ฆ get real Intel Nvidia is expanding and your not guess that what they mean diversify your portfolio and innovations. Intel is making it self to be like M$ beating up on the smaller rivals. If you can make it then get out of the market. That is what it means free market and capitalisms. Stifling competitors just means your loosing your edge and innovations. My next laptop will be AMD and Nvidia video all the way no more Intel.