Intel Skylake CPUs continuously listen to the voice Windows 10 users



We’ve just posted the following news: Intel Skylake CPUs continuously listen to the voice Windows 10 users[newsimage][/newsimage]

New Intel processors will continuously listen to the voice of Windows 10 users. The processor will listen for the command ‘Cortana, wake up’. Once recognized the computer will resume from standby.

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Just another method that enables companies and government to spy on conversations of the people.


Bad idea, no doubt users will look for a CPU that does NOT have that technology built in. I’d skip that entire CPU generation.


I agree with Ch3vr0n,
what makes Intel and Microsoft think people want this crap! I will definitely avoid this junk. Why can’t I just get on and compute without the world and it’s friend listening and spying on what I do. Cortana Google talk and my TV all have this novelty value app and I think it’s a potentially dangerous application. Not good in the long term, where will it stop.


Any other old coggers remember “Max Headroom” and the TV’s that could never be turned off?
Got a feeling AMD’s stock just jumped up a bit.


@olddancer: I remember Max Headroom, but you don’t have to go back that far for TVs that spy on you. Samsung has openly admitted that their new smart TVs hear and transmits to the Mother ship everything that is said in the vicinity of the TV. (Of course, this does require it being connected to the internet, but who buys a smart TV and then doesn’t connect it to the Internet?)


There is a way around it though, don’t use sleep/hibernate. Full shutdown. I’d be curious how it would listen when no power is going though the system :stuck_out_tongue: