Intel roadmap for 2018 leaks: more Coffee Lake, a laptop hexa-core CPU and Cascade Lake

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A leaked Intel roadmap, that is up-to-date until January of this year, shows when various Core iX 8000 chips for both desktops and laptops should become available. Also Xeon Cascade Lake-SP processors are mentioned as the successors of the Xeon Skylake-SP CPUs. New is Coffee Lake-E, a refresh of Kaby Lake-E for servers.

Just like how they leaked they were going to go 10nm and have no iNtel cpu failures. I’ll believe it when it comes out as they been making fake announcement with little to go behind it. It seems they are more scared of Rzyen then anything else.

I’m quite surprised not to see an 8 core CoffeeLake CPU in the leaked roadmap.

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I am surprised they do not mention “Ice Lake” in 2018.

Intel have having big problems with 10nm, they can make them, but yields are very poor, and they don’t perform as well as their 14nm processors.

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Yup you are right this quote is straight out of Wiki

Ice Lake is the Intel CPU microarchitecture based on the 10nm node that is expected to replace Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake[1][2] in 2018 or 2019.[3] Ice Lake will be used in conjunction with Intel 500 Series chipsets.[ citation needed ] Ice Lake will be produced on the second generation of Intel’s 10nm process (10nm+).[2] It is Intel’s 2nd microarchitecture to be produced on the 10nm node, after Cannon Lake.[4][5][6] It is expected that Ice Lake will have in-silicon mitigations for the Meltdown and Spectre hardware vulnerabilities