Intel reveals 6th generation Skylake CPUs – first reviews available



We’ve just posted the following news: Intel reveals 6th generation Skylake CPUs – first reviews available[newsimage][/newsimage]

Intel today released its 6th generation Core-i CPUs at Gamescom in Cologne. The first CPUs in Intel’s new Core-i line-up are the Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K.

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these are about 5 years late and supposed to have 6 cores by now…
they’re also moe expesive and rumored to be the end of the line for desktop/laptop pc cpu’s


^^^ tmc8080, are you posting using 3 cores? :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=tmc8080;2757979]these are about 5 years late and supposed to have 6 cores by now…
they’re also moe expesive and rumored to be the end of the line for desktop/laptop pc cpu’s[/QUOTE]

I cant think of any reason why intel would want to have a six core CPU in their mainstream line, they dont have any competition and i dont see any reason why stop milking the cow. If you want six core then X99 is the way to go, unfortunately.

If you are a gamer and you are still with an i5-750 or a 2xxx/3xxx then this would be a huge step forward, if you are something newer and capable of overclocking then you might not want to upgrade.

There are other storage related parts of the z170 that can make this an attractive platform, but most gamers want benefit from all this that much.

So far I see that this new CPUs can reach a max overclock of 4.6GHz, not bad, but at the same time nothing to get over excited.


I’m more interested in the Z170 chipset than the SkyLake CPU, although I’m sure I’ll be able to put to good use, the new features of Skylake, and will enjoy the lower power consumption.

Haswell, and the Z97 chipset had 16 PCIe3 lanes from the CPU, and 8 PCIe2 lanes from the Z97 chipset.

Z170 has 16 PCIe3 lanes from the CPU, and 20 PCIe3 lanes from the Z170 chipset. That’s quite a large update. Especially if your a storage freak. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Skylake requires (in all top end boards) DDR4 RAM, so this is going to be an expensive upgrade.


Has anyone seen a comparison of Skylake vs older cpu’s when working with [B]H265[/B]?

All I’ve seen is the Handbrake H264 test over at Anandtech.

Oops, never mind. Finally spotted the Hybrid 4k test in that review from Anandtech.

The Ultra High Def H264 encode in Handbrake, using X264, was giving them almost 28 frames per second with this new i7 processor, compared to the 1.87fps using the X265 encoder.

Not exactly apples to apples, but does give one a general sense of just how much processing power H265 requires for 4k resolutions.


I’ve pulled the trigger, and now I’m broke. :sad:

It will arrive on Friday, so I guess I might be quite busy over the weekend. :smiley:


I’ve pulled the trigger, and now I’m broke. :sad:
That’s quite a shopping accident. :eek:

[QUOTE=Dee;2757987]It will arrive on Friday, so I guess I might be quite busy over the weekend. :D[/QUOTE]
…and the rest of the summer holidays. :iagree:

Have fun. :flower:


I’ve pulled the trigger, and now I’m broke. :sad:

It will arrive on Friday, so I guess I might be quite busy over the weekend. :D[/QUOTE]

Congrats DEE, I am going to have to wait until I feel a bit better to start my new build.:frowning:


Both Intel and AMD had 6 and 8 core processors in their roadmaps going from late 2015 into 2016. This has since been scaled back or mothballed, apparently…
Perhaps back 3 years ago, they never foresaw the tablets and mini pc’s manufacturing in the millions right alongside smart cellphones…
Set top & lite computing devices interacting with HD & UHD tv’s are going to be a killer app putting these devices in demand. Intel redirected plenty of R&D and investment away from the core chip lineup and this is primarily why 6 & 8 core processors were mothballed… that and the leading research indicating computer users not needing SUPER COMPUTING multi-thread processors anymore…

Also, there is plenty of evidence that both Intel and Amd have slowed processor design and innovation…
while claiming about 10% performance gains with each increasing generation, it it really in the single digits with 3rd and 4th generation i3, i5, i7 series processor line.
Maybe closing in on 10% in the top of the line chip for a nice ripe price tag of $890… Must have been alot of expensive R&D work to get that extra 10%, right?
Sadly, no… these are mainly architectural tweaks happening…


I’ve had my Skylake system up and running for a couple of days now.
No overclock yet.


almost 1.4Volts @4GHz? that I didn’t expect to see.


Neither did I, its very high compared to Haswell. The CPU is running cool however.
The BIOS is very early and most certainly needs to mature.
I’ll play with the core voltages manually in the mean time.


Very interesting screenshots. Thanks Dee.


You’re welcome Ibex.

OK, after some reading. V-core on Skylake 6700K.
vcore in the range of 1.35V and 1.4V are common, and you’re safe in those ranges. However, up to 1.45V is safe, providing you have a cooling solution that can cope with it.


OK, now you need to push that CPU a little further, let say 4.4GHz maybe? :wink: I should be possible, from what I read most CPUs can do easily 4.5

Wendy, did you have time to stress test the 6700k? if yes what was the max temperature that you got?


How about 4.6GHz. :slight_smile:
Quite easy, and I’m sure it could go faster with a more refined BIOS. I guess at this early stage that Asus done most of their 6700K testing with engineering samples. So I’ll guess it will take a few more BIOS versions until we get something that suits retail 6700K’s.

30 min stress test using AIDA 64 @4.6GHz.
Max core temp recorded was 92C, so pretty near max. :slight_smile:
Cooling is a BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro2 (air cooling)
Ambient room temp was 26C


The 4.6 is great, but I cant say that I am to happy with the 92C, anyway I am sure
that over the next couple of weeks you will have time to fine tune your setup and
get some lower temps, and if required maybe a lower overclock, not sure that
many people will take full advantage of the maximum overclock.

Nice to see that they can do 4.6 I am waiting a 6600K for a friend and also an ASUS Z170-A for a friend, so I am looking forward to testing them when they arrive.


I’ve actually remove the OC for now until the BIOS matures a bit.
I actually just got a new version (701) which updates the ME firmware on the board. The first impressions are, that this has removed much of the instability.
The new BIOS has also reduced V-core by quite a bit. Down from nearly 1.4V @4Ghz to just over 1.25V.


Maybe that was a false reading and now, or in the close future, be fixed with a bios update.