Intel restricts overclocking of Skylake CPUs with BIOS update



We’ve just posted the following news: Intel restricts overclocking of Skylake CPUs with BIOS update[newsimage][/newsimage]

A BIOS update for Skylake mainboards makes it impossible to overclock Skylake CPUs. The update contains code from Intel that makes overclocking of Skylake CPUs only possible on K-series processors.

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I think this is for the better. As Intel states, the non-K CPUs were not designed for overclocking and are more easily damaged. Then again, going from, as an example, 3.4 to 3.5GHz would probably not damage any CPU. Trouble is, the wannabe OC’er would probably not settle for only 0,1GHz…


I call BS on what Intel says, we could oveclock the Celeron 333Mhz CPU up to almost 500MHz and to beat the PIII 450MHz CPU back then, and back then we (at least [B]I[/B])didnt have the luxury of CPU coolers, watter cooler, most of us would have to live with the stock intel fan.
That CPU worked for a long time way beyond the speed that it was design to work, and now in 2016 intel can make a chip that can handle an extra 500-1000Mhz? really?

I am 100% sure that Intel just doesnt want to allow overcloking on the non-K CPU so that whey can charge the extra premium on the the K series, maybe intel can also enlighten us on why we dont have an i3 K CPU, and we are only limited to i5’s and i7’s?

Plus most motherboard manufacturers have excellent overclocking software, so no harm can come out of this non-K OC.

My two cents.